NASSAU, Bahamas, November 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Corp. ( announces its new Nominet membership.

Marco Rinaudo, Corp. CEO, said, Joining Nominet is one of the most important goals our company has achieved recently, providing a better service to an ever more demanding customer base around the globe, specifically with regards to domain name registrations and in particular .uk domain names.

Thanks to the Nominet membership, Corp. can now directly manage .uk domain names on behalf of its customers without intermediaries, increasing the speed of domain name registration and reducing the cost for the end user. Corp. can also make its voice heard because they now have a right of vote in the Nominet association and can contribute to crucial decisions about the .uk country code Top Level Domain (.uk ccTLD). Corp. values very much the, and domain names because, unlike other domain names, they are unrestricted and whoever from whichever country can take advantage of those appealing domain name extensions without having to provide any justification or proof of residency.

To show its appreciation to Nominet for being accepted as a member, Corp. wants to give back something to the internet community and is offering absolutely free .uk domain Registrar transfers to all existing and new customers. After transferring for free one or more .uk domains, the end user has access to exactly the same service platform as any other valued customer, including email forwarding, url/web forwarding, dns management, dns list update, domain push etc... For further details about .uk domain Registrar transfer, please use the following url:

For more information and to transfer or register a .uk domain name, please visit:

About Corp.: Corp. is an official ICANN accredited domain name Registrar and offers .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.eu/.mobi/.fr/.uk domain name registrations and related services to customers worldwide, supporting 6 main languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Romanian). Corp. is a Nominet member and as well a Eurid Registrar. Corp. specializes in volume real time domain name registration and bulk domain name management while also serving users with a single domain. Corp. is headquartered in Nassau (The Bahamas) allowing greater flexibility, privacy and lower cost to end user.

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