ROME, September 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- DomainsBot extensive name spinner Internet address search and suggestion tool now includes .tel names.

DomainsBot, the leading domain name suggestion and search engine company, today announced it will include the innovative, communications-focused .tel names in their domain name search and suggestion tool, used by the majority of the world's best-known Internet domain name retailers including GoDaddy, Tucows and

DomainsBot's name spinner tool is designed to help developers, site owners and marketers find available domain names when a first-choice domain name is already registered. DomainsBot offers a wide variety of results, including domain names that are available, expiring and for sale to ensure that businesses can easily find the best available domain name for their company and products.

As more and more businesses, professionals, and savvy individuals see that the way in which people access the internet for information and content is changing, the need for different solutions to present that information is also changing, said Daniel Ruzzini Mejia, Co-Founder CSO, DomainsBot. The .tel domain is now a significant part of being found on the internet, as it helps potential customers find what they're looking for cheaply and quickly, regardless of the device or application that the person looking for the content is using; we wanted to make it possible for our customers to participate in this next wave of innovation for the Internet.

We're delighted that DomainsBot has included .tel names in its search and suggestion tool, said Justin Hayward, Communications and Business Development Director, Telnic. In this current age of austerity, small businesses are questioning whether traditional solutions for engaging customers online are still right for them. As a different type of domain name, .tel can provide an affordable online presence and enable businesses to benefit from sharing up-to-date contact information formatted for any device at very low cost.

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