GENEVA, Switzerland, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- DuPont is launching an exciting new concept in TYVEK(R) protection: the DuPont(TM) TYVEK(R) Dual coverall. The protective garment features a front and sleeves made entirely from TYVEK(R) fabric and a back panel made of DuPont's finely engineered advanced composite technology (ACT) fabric.

Why the new Dual garment design?

In certain industries, limited-use coveralls are worn to protect workers from hazards like water-based liquid splashes, particles, and general dirt. Traditionally, garments offer the same level of protection overall, but in some specific cases the risk of exposure may be largely frontal, whilst areas like knees and elbows nonetheless typically demand high abrasion resistance & robustness.

Applications that are physically demanding especially when combined with high ambient temperatures can make the wearing of some protective barrier garments uncomfortable due to restricted air-flow and water vapour permeability. Understanding the needs of its customers, DuPont has designed a coverall that comes into its own for highly demanding comfort requirements and limited protective requirements with specifically frontal exposures.

While the TYVEK(R) material offers both excellent barrier protection against fine particles and fibres and repels water-based liquids and vapours and breathability, the ultra high air and water vapour permeability and tactile touch of DuPont's patented ACT fabric provides increased levels of comfort. The ergonomically designed ACT panel stretches from the back of the head down to the back of the ankles, reflecting the position of the body's sweat points. The garment features externally stitched seams and a zip and zip flaps made of TYVEK(R) to give increased protection and durability in areas of high stress (such as knees, elbows, zip area and crotch) and elasticated wrist cuffs, ankles and facial openings form tight seals to help to reduce the risk of penetration from the outside to the inside of the garment.


TYVEK(R) Dual has been designed mindful of industries like glass manufacturing, bakeries, remediation, utilities, foundries and brick ceramic firing, where the hazards of the job are predominantly face-on and movement and comfort are as important as protection. The combination of properties in the TYVEK(R) Dual protective garment cater precisely for these requirements and it has already proven to be very popular in trials. We are looking forward to introducing it to the UK market.

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