LONDON, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- E-Health Insider, the UK's leading online information portal for healthcare IM&T, is launching a new conference and exhibition called Healthcare Interoperability on 30 October 2008, ICC, Birmingham.

The event is a response to the current wide ranging discussion about interoperability in healthcare systems - what it is, where it is needed and how it can be made to happen. What is clear is that much of our 21st century healthcare policy and practice requires clinical information sharing that is only possible if there are high levels of interoperability between systems.

Seamless services bridging health and social care; multi-disciplinary team working; more flexible primary care provision; improvements in unplanned and emergency care and more self-management for people with long term conditions are just a few of the developments that need to be underpinned by shared clinical information.

E-Health Insider, the UK's leading portal for the healthcare IM&T community, is bringing leaders in interoperability together for a day of demonstrations, debate and thoughtful discussion. The event will include a lively, free exhibition, a high-level conference and a reception for all attendees.

The aim will be to look at how UK healthcare can achieve safe, secure, clinical information sharing for the benefit of patients, with their consent and goodwill. The event will provide a neutral platform for views from all quarters and put the emphasis on looking forward in a constructive spirit.

Big questions we will address include:

- What is the state of play on technology? What new technological horizons are opening up and what technological barriers to interoperability remain?

- Where do we stand on information governance when sharing clinical information?

- What is happening in consumer health interoperability? What does this mean for other parts of the healthcare system?

- What is the role of international standards in healthcare interoperability?

E-Health Insider editor, Jon Hoeksma, said: "We believe the timing is right for this conference and exhibition as the NHS embarks on far-reaching changes in the way it delivers services.

"Many of the reforms outlined in Lord Darzi's interim review - and likely to be confirmed in his forthcoming full report - depend on systems that share information safely and effectively. This will be our focus."

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Media Enquiries to: Linda Davidson, +44-(0)20-7785-6900 or +44-(0)77-1470-4840, e-mail: Other enquires about the event to Clare McNulty +44-(0)20-7785-6925, e-mail: