ROMFORD, England, December 15 /PRNewswire/ -- For those taking a cruise or travelling abroad this Christmas, it could be a question on the minds of many, following last week's coverage by ITV's 'Tonight' programme covering the plight of Manchester great-grandmother Jean Edwards left stranded in Turkey after falling seriously ill, with the travel insurer declining her medical claim. More recently, we heard the of the grandfather of 11 William Findlay, who died stranded in a Canary Islands hospital after being hit by a series of health blows on a cruise and again, the company who insured his cruise refusing to pick up the bill.

Whether the insurer pays out a valid claim without a fuss, or whether they challenge cover, requesting further information, causing delay and distress, is largely down to how thorough the sales process is when the customer buys the policy in the first place. That is according to Chris Blackman, Head of Product Development at AllClear Travel Insurance. The importance of making a complete and honest disclosure of medical facts cannot be over stressed, even if that means a short visit to the GP before booking a policy to ensure you have all the right medical terms. Chris continued: Selecting the best travel policy for you, is also an important decision but all too often many just go for the cheapest , and pay little or no attention to what they're buying, only to discover exclusions or medical disclosure requirements when they need to make a claim.

In 2008 the Association of British Insurers introduced guidelines to simplify buying insurance. These rules are meant to ensure that customers are treated fairly over issues of non-disclosure and whilst they have led to fewer complaints, reported experiences indicate there is more to be done and the Law Commission says the law needs to be changed. So how can travellers avoid the horrific situation of being taken ill abroad, with medical expenses building daily and an insurer declining the claim?

Go to a Specialist Medical Travel Insurance provider such as AllClear Travel says Chris. They are dealing with people declaring all kinds of different and complex medical conditions every day and they have the expertise to ask the right questions of the traveller and assist in a full disclosure being made. Customers may not understand exactly what medical detail is relevant but our trained agents do and are able to explain the process in the course of a short phone call.

The AllClear brand is already well known for covering the more senior travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions, where other insurers say no as Chris concludes: Buying Travel Insurance wisely can mean the difference between a piece of worthless paper or peace of mind. We would prefer that everyone enjoys the latter.

SOURCE: AllClear Insurance Services Ltd

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