LONDON, February 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Development company and Sage Pay partner Ebizmarts have today launched a new extension for Magento's open source ecommerce platform, supporting Sage Pay's Form, Server and Direct protocols. The payment module includes Server InFrame technology, functionality for Sage Pay's newly launched Token System and elements of the new Reporting and Admin API.

Ebizmarts is the first Sage Pay partner to offer the full range of Sage Pay's newest functionality on the Magento open source platform.

The newly released module aims to alleviate the challenges faced by e-commerce merchants enabled through a simplified integration process. With a single configuration form, merchants can select multiple functionalities, creating a 'tailor-made' integration suited to their individual needs. E-commerce merchants are able to make use of Sage Pay's InFrame technology which enables the full customisation of their payment pages and provides a seamless checkout experience, while maintaining a high level of security.

The ability to customise payment pages is key to online success, as reported in Sage Pay's inaugural E-Business Benchmark Report earlier this year. Almost 100% of websites with higher than average conversion rates included their own branding, or had been adapted to match the look and feel of their website - something which is easily achievable with this new module.

Ignacio de Paula, Ebizmarts owner and co-founder confirms "A seamless checkout process is absolutely crucial for online merchants. Unrecognised payment pages with no branding equal high drop-out rates. InFrame is a great way to fully customise payment pages and reassure customers, without the hassle of collecting and storing card details.

Another challenge encountered by e-tailers is the burden of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance and its associated costs. With Ebizmarts latest module, merchants are able to make use of Sage Pay's Token System, whereby credit card details are converted into tokens or a card 'alias', by Sage Pay. The tokens are then safely stored by the merchant and used as necessary, lowering the level of PCI DSS compliance that the merchant is required to achieve. The technology can also be used to drive customer loyalty by creating a smooth and quick checkout process, without the customer having to re-enter card details each time they return to the site. It also fully supports 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and Secure code by MasterCard) and CV2 re-entry process.

Sage Pay's Channel Manager John Fitchett says of the new module "This is a perfect example of how Sage Pay's partners are using all of Sage Pay's API's to drive innovation in payments as well as revenue and security for their customers. We're delighted to have Ebizmarts at the forefront of our Partner programme".