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Echoworx Corporation ( a leading provider of security software products for digital communications, today announced the global availability of Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway. This product compliments the Echoworx encryption portfolio by extending the suite to include a gateway solution that can be easily deployed with policy management and anti-spam and anti-virus content filtering solutions, giving enterprises a transparent method to secure messaging.

A data loss or leak can have a tremendous impact on an organization's P&L, competitive standing and brand damage to their reputation. A data loss prevention strategy is just one issue driving companies to enforce encryption through content scanning solutions, such as policy management, to safeguard email communications that include sensitive data such as customer and employee and intellectual property.

"This product is a natural evolution of our encryption suite, which can be deployed on-site or within a hosted data center," said Michael Ginsberg, President and CEO of Echoworx. "Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway interoperates with leading content management solutions to give enterprises the ability to automatically apply encryption to email, based on pre-defined corporate privacy policies. The encryption of the email is transparent to the end user, allowing organizations to mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations and data loss. This solution can be implemented with zero impact to business operations."

About Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway

Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) encryption product that interoperates with popular policy management and anti-spam and anti-virus content filtering products. The product enables organizations to automate email encryption by leveraging their policy management or content filtering applications. Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway helps organizations fulfill regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, SOX, and GLB by enforcing email encryption with no impact to end user workflow.

How does Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway work?

Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway can reside on-site or within a hosted data center. When an email is composed, once the user presses the send button, the message is scanned for viruses and the content is also analyzed to detect whether confidential information is being sent, based on pre-defined corporate policies. If policy management detects sensitive information is enclosed, the message is routed to the Echoworx Secure Mail Gateway where the message is automatically encrypted and sent to the recipient. The encryption is completely transparent to the end user. The complexity of digital certificates and encryption keys are all managed in the background with zero impact to workflow.

If the recipient is an Echoworx Secure Mail user, they will receive the message directly in their mail box as an encrypted message. If the recipient is not an Echoworx Secure Mail user they will be directed to a secure web-based portal where they can register themselves to automatically receive encrypted messages. They simply set up a password when they receive their first encrypted message, which enables them to easily receive messages, reply securely and add attachments to these messages.

About Echoworx

Echoworx is a provider of security solutions for enhancing privacy and trust in digital communications. Echoworx product suite of privacy applications leverages the power of Echoworx Secure Services (ESS) platform. All data is encrypted using industry trusted standard PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and S/MIME technologies for strong encryption and digital signatures, relying on standard X.509 certificates. The ESS platform is hosted by global Application Service Provider partners of Echoworx and manages the digital certificates for Echoworx's data privacy applications which include: Secure Mail, Secure DOX, Encrypted Document Presentment, and Encrypted Message eXchange. Echoworx products are currently offered by leading communication providers that include: AT&T, BT, IBM, LogicaCMG, Telus, Tiscali, Rogers and Verizon. Visit

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