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- Bizanga to Integrate eco's Certified Senders Alliance Whitelist and Make it Available to its Growing Installed Base

ECO, the association of German Internet enterprises, and Bizanga, provider of the world's leading email and message management platform, have today reached an agreement to collaborate on an initiative for sharing a common repository of information between ISPs in order to combat spam effectively without affecting the transmission of legitimate e-mails. In addition, Bizanga will integrate the eco Certified Senders Alliance Whitelist service as part of its ever growing ecosystem of partners and installed base of customers.

The objective of the new solution is to propose a near-real-time sharing of traffic information on parameters such as IP addresses, domains and senders. Such a system will provide numerous benefits to the industry:

- Consolidated abuse response - Abusers tend to move from provider to provider in search of an easy target. Once an attack has been detected, an effective response can be triggered across a region rather than one provider at a time. - Outbound abuse control - Service providers can correlate the data between what they believe to be their outbound traffic compared to the traffic seen throughout the region. Abusers of the provider's infrastructure can then easily be detected. - Local reputation - the information will be more localized than with traditional reputation systems, allowing for more accurate and relevant filtering.

The new service will utilize the eco connection collaboration database, consolidating the collection of connection information from any service provider wishing to participate in the near real time information sharing. This information will be transported between MTA's and the database using the Secure Messaging Exchange Protocol (SMEP), a secure and low-overhead protocol developed by Bizanga to allow for fast data exchange. The SMEP protocol will be made public in order to allow easy interchange between operators in the eco anti-spam initiative and between multiple environments. Bizanga's Collaboration Engine (CE) will in turn be used to manage the flow of information into and out of the database. The different service providers' edge protection systems will communicate directly with the eco server instance and CE using the SMEP protocol.

The collaboration database will be located at eco's DE-CIX Internet Exchange.

Each new ISP will be offered a quick-start assistance pack, provided by Bizanga's Customer Solution Engineering team to help in establishing their connection. Users of the system will have the capability to enter information about their connections into the database and retrieve the shared information of other participants.

"We are extremely proud to provide eco and the service provider community with the technology and expertise to achieve the next level of collaboration," says Serge Dugas, General Manager EMEA of Bizanga. "Not only has our technology been chosen on its own merit, but it also represents a clear recognition of our central position in the marketplace."

This initial implementation will allow providers to develop experience with the available data and improve their anti-abuse policies. It is expected that benefits of the feedback loops will increase with the addition of participating providers and thereby a more complete regional view will become available for the group as a whole.

"This new infrastructure will provide our members a better and faster service," says Sven Karge, Head of Content Department at eco. "Furthermore, the integration of the central Certified Senders Alliance whitelist with the Bizanga system improves the deliverability of requested e-mail communication."


ECO - Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V. is the association of German Internet enterprises, in particular the German ISPs. Founded in 1995, its aim is to enhance the commercial use of the Internet, thereby strengthening Germany's position both in the global Internet economy and as a business location in general. As a body, eco sees itself as the advocate and mouthpiece of German Internet business in all relevant political, legislative and international groupings. It currently represents more than 400 members, promoting their commercial development as well as providing advice and support to companies whose products and services are available via the Internet.

All of the approximately 230 major providers that form the backbone of the German Internet are members of eco. It also runs the largest German data exchange, DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange). This exchange forms the heart of the German Internet and is one of the largest Internet Exchanges worldwide.

ECO has been proactive in the fight against Spam for a decade already. Apart from its hotline dealing with Spam complaints it also initiated the annual German Anti Spam Summit, which can be considered to be the first major event on this topic in Europe. In 2004 eco established the central German Whitelist (Certified Senders Alliance) in cooperation with major ISPs, providing the industry with a de facto standard.

About Bizanga

Bizanga is the global leader in email and message management, and provider of the world's most scalable and full-featured Email message processing and security platform, the Intelligent Message Processor(R) (IMP). The IMP can be deployed to protect an email infrastructure from blended threats including spam, viruses, denial-of-service and harvest attacks. It can also be used to perform parental control, compliance/encryption services or simply to manage infrastructure migration or new service deployment. Designed especially for service providers, the IMP is extremely easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, including provisioning systems and message store. IMPs handle email for millions of mailboxes throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Bizanga sells direct to Internet service providers, cable operators, fixed-line and mobile operators. The technology is also available on an OEM basis to application software vendors. Bizanga is a member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Work Group ( For more information about Bizanga, visit the company's Web site at

Contacts: For ECO: Sven Karge ECO - Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V. +49-221-700048-19 For Bizanga: Marc Sheldon Bizanga Ltd. +1-650-356-8507

Contacts: For ECO: Sven Karge, ECO - Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V., +49-221-700048-19, For Bizanga: Marc Sheldon, Bizanga Ltd., +1-650-356-8507,