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- Manageable expenditures before depreciation and amortization down 18% in comparison with 4Q07, dropping for the fourth quarter in a row

EDP - ENERGIAS DO BRASIL S.A. (Energias do Brasil or Group) (Bovespa: ENBR3), a holding company in the electric utilities sector trading on Bovespa's Novo Mercado, today announces its results for the fourth quarter and the twelve months of 2008 (4Q08 and 2008). The information is presented on a consolidated basis in accordance with Brazilian Corporate Law and is based on reviewed financial information. The operating information was not reviewed by independent auditors. Due to the conclusion of the assets swap involving: (i) EDP Energias do Brasil's total corporate stake held in Enersul and; (ii) Rede Energia's corporate stakes in the companies Rede Lajeado Energia and Investco; and (iii) Rede Power do Brasil's respective corporate stakes in Rede Lajeado and Tocantins Energia, the financials for Enersul are shown up to August 2008.

-- Energy volume sold by the generation business in 4Q08 was 1,863 GWh, 26.2% up on 4Q07.

-- Excluding Enersul's figures in 4Q07, energy volumes sold to final customers increased 3.5% in 4Q08 compared with 4Q07, totaling 3,386 GWh. However, mainly due to the drop on free customers consumption, the energy volume distributed in 4Q08 was 3.0% lower than volume recorded in 4Q07, reaching 5,404 GWh.

-- Net consolidated operating revenue was R$ 1,189.2 million in 4Q08, 9.1% more than 4Q07, due to growth in energy volumes sold and the increase in average prices practiced by all Group businesses.

-- Consolidated manageable expenditures, excluding depreciation and amortization posted a decline of 18.1% compared with 4Q07, the highlight being a reduction in the Personnel and Third Party Services accounts.

-- 4Q08 EBITDA reached R$ 306.0 million, an increase of 96.5% against 4Q07. EBITDA from the generation business totaled R$ 148.5 million, increase of 14.3% in relation to 4Q07.

-- Capital expenditures amounted to R$ 577.5 million in 4Q08, 112.3% more than in the same period last year. The increase is largely due to the inclusion of Pecem in our portfolio.

-- In 2008, dividends/interest on shareholders' equity totaled R$ 1.658945 per share, 30.1% up on 2007.

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