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- Now CE-Marked, EkkyLite(R), the Very First Portable Laser Assisted Skin Healing System is Ready for its Commercial Launch

Ekkyo a photomedicine company, which develops first-in-class laser-based systems for skin scar prevention and reduction, announces that EkkyLite(R) a handheld laser and its "smart" safety devices have been marked CE.

CE marking is the answer to the European Community quality norm requirements and to the 93/42/CEE directives for medical devices.

Based on the therapeutic effects of controlled selective hyperthermia, EkkyLite(R) aims to stimulate the natural repair mechanisms of the skin, initiated at the critical moment of wound closure (ie the thrombotic phase). This innovative approach was validated in animals by a proof of concept study performed using an 810 nm laser diode system that showed its ability to speed up the healing process and avoid the visible marks of the wounds. EkkyLite(R) system also improves patient's confort during the healing process.

The results of the clinical study on surgical scar prevention by LASH (Laser Assisted Skin Healing) published in << Lasers in Surgery and Medecine >> (Alexandre C. Capon and al. LSM-08-0066 (20657)), validate the efficacy of a treatment by an 810 nm laser diode on humans.

<< The CE marking confirms the benefits of LASH technology to accelerate healing process while reducing and preventing surgical scars" Comments Alain Cornil CEO and founder of Ekkyo "we are now ready to launch and commercialize EkkyLite(R), our first laser system, which should soon become the reference in tissue repair and regeneration.>>


About Ekkyo and EkkyLite(R)

Created in 2006 by a specialist in photomedicine, a plastic surgeon, a marketing expert specialized in medical devices and a specialist in production and quality processes, Ekkyo, formerly known as Heatwave Technology, is a photomedicine company that develops first-in-class laser-based systems for scar prevention and reduction.

Resulting mostly from the pioneering work of Ekkyo's founding scientist and clinician, EkkyLite(R) is the company's first product. This very first Laser Assisted Skin Healing system combines a handheld laser, a "smart" safety device that guides the surgeon's moves during the laser treatment and a sterile sheath for working in the operating room. EkkyLite(R) activates and stimulates the skin regeneration process resulting in faster healing, while preventing, reducing and sometimes completely erasing surgical scars.

The therapeutic, aesthetic and practical benefits provided by EkkyLite(R) makes it the first laser technology accessible to all surgeons: not only plastic surgeons but also specialists experiencing scarring issues such as dermatologists, obstetricians, trauma specialists...

Currently in clinical phase, the commercialization of the EkkyLite(R) system is forecasted for 2008 in France and for 2009 successively in Europe and the United States. Based in Meyreuil, France, Ekkyo has 8 staff members as of December 2007.

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