LONDON, August 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Integer, a leading business consultancy in the area of global emissions regulations, today announced its latest conference targeted at US road transport industry executives and their suppliers. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid Forum (DEFF '08) will be held at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, overlooking one of America's most famous golf courses, on November 11-12. The aim of this independent forum is to give exclusive insight into the commercial opportunities and concerns created by stricter heavy duty diesel vehicle emissions regulations from January 2010.

From 2010, heavy duty diesel vehicle operators who buy new trucks and buses will be required to meet new EPA emissions regulations. SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) is one of the leading solutions to this requirement and SCR trucks will be hitting the highway in large numbers from early 2010. With SCR vehicles comes the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a urea solution that continuously reduces NOx emissions in the exhaust as a key component of the SCR process. All SCR vehicles need DEF and therefore a new market is being created for on-highway and fleet depot refilling.

DEF costs and fuel efficiency savings make for complex decision making for motor carriers and their suppliers. The DEFF '08 Forum will shed light and foster productive discussion on the commercial realities for all the stake holders. 30 panelists and speakers from the most influential US governmental and commercial organizations, including senior representatives from Daimler Trucks North America, FedEx, the Department of Energy, American Petroleum Institute, California Air Resources Board and TravelCenters of America, will discuss the commercial impact of 2010 emissions regulations on the heavy duty truck industry.

Integer already advises many of the world's largest truck manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Integer, the host, has organized 5 meetings in Europe and China on the same topic since 2005. DEFF '08 is an entirely US focused event. Integer's Director of Emissions Research, Tim Cheyne, said "Our purpose is to create an independent meeting place for all the stakeholders in the coming US market for DEF, to come together and discuss the commercial issues that matter most. Successful implementation of SCR for US2010 will require close collaboration by different industry sectors, and some have not worked together before. There is a clear need for this timely discussion and we have been delighted with the response from industry and regulators."

DEFF '08 enables senior executives to share knowledge, strategy and experience, in order to discuss the commercial issues surrounding the timely roll-out and sustainable business of the US DEF infrastructure for heavy duty diesel fleets. This independent Forum will give decision makers the opportunity to meet and discuss the key issues surrounding SCR truck markets and Diesel Emission Fluid supply in advance of the arrival of new HD diesel emissions regulations on 1 January 2010.

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Integer Research Ltd is an industry analysis company providing regular research publications, consultancy and events in key commodity industries. The founders of Integer Research have extensive experience analysing regulations, companies and market trends. The company has become one of the leading suppliers of specialist financial information, strategy consulting and industry analysis in emissions & environmental technology, steel, fertilizers and wire & cable.

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Contact: Amy Woolmer General Manager, Industry Conferences Tel: +44-20-7503-1265 Email: Integer Research Ltd, 55 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JB, United Kingdom

Contact: Amy Woolmer General Manager, Industry Conferences Tel: +44-20-7503-1265 Email: Integer Research Ltd, 55 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JB, United Kingdom