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- Increase in installed capacity resulted in growth of 62.1% in generation EBITDA, which reached R$ 442.0 million

EDP - ENERGIAS DO BRASIL S.A. ("Energias do Brasil" or "Group") (Bovespa: ENBR3), a holding company in the electric utilities sector trading on Bovespa's Novo Mercado, today announces its results for the fiscal year 2007. The information is presented on a consolidated basis in accordance with Brazilian Corporate Law and is based on reviewed financial information. The independent auditors did not review the operating information. Amounts are expressed in thousands of Reais, except where otherwise stated.

-- Energy volumes distributed in 2007 totaled 25,029 GWh, 4.5% more than recorded in 2006. Volumes were boosted by a growth in demand from residential and commercial customers, notably in Bandeirante's and Escelsa's concession areas and from rural customers in the regions served by Escelsa and Enersul. -- Enertrade's volumes grew 7.2% in 2007 when compared to 2006, totaling 7,188 GWh, driven by a growth of 16.8% in the volume of sales to free consumers. -- The volume of energy sold in 2007 was 5,568 GWh, a 17.0% hike over the same quarter in 2006, largely reflecting the additional energy from the Peixe Angical Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), the 4th generating unit at the Mascarenhas HPP and from the Sao Joao Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP). -- Net operating revenue in 2007 was R$ 4,513.5 million, 13.3% when compared to the previous year. This performance resulted mainly from the increase in installed generation capacity and the growth in distributed energy volume. Net Operating Revenue was adversely affected in R$ 183.1 million following Aneel's decision to reduce Enersul's RAB. -- In April, the start-up of Sao Joao SHP added 25 MW to the Group's installed capacity. Additionally in 2007, Energias do Brasil sold 615 MW of energy to be generated by the Pecem TPP and 11.7 average MW from repowering projects. Finally, the Santa Fe SHP, a 29 MW plant, started to be built. Therefore, in 2012, after the start-up of the Pecem TPP, the Group's installed capacity will have increased by 39%. -- EBITDA for 2007 reached R$ 1,123.0 million, a yoy increase of 4.6%. It is important to highlight the 62.1% growth in generation EBITDA, which reached R$ 442.0 million. -- Net income amounted R$ 439.8 million, an 11.6% growth over 2006 earnings. -- Capital expenditures amounted to R$ 665.2 million in 2007, a reduction of 19.9% when compared to 2006, mainly a reflection of the conclusion of Peixe Angical HPP. -- On December 4 2007, Aneel decided to reduce Enersul's RAB as related to the 2003 tariff review. The net RAB was reduced in R$ 126 million and the gross RAB, in R$ 265 million. -- On December 18 2007, the Board of Directors approved: (i) the payment of interest on shareholders' equity of R$ 119.9 million or R$ 0.730546 per share with respect to fiscal year 2007; and (ii) a share buyback program. Additionally, on March 5 2008, the Board approved an additional dividend of R$87.3 million or R$ 0.545028 per share, with respect to fiscal year 2007. -- On January 8 2008, the Board of Directors approved the restructuring of the Board of Executive Officers. The new executive board proposed to the Board of Directors the increase in the minimum payout to 50%.

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