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- EBITDA from Generation grows 19% and manageable expenses before depreciation and amortization reduce 16% compared with 2Q07

EDP - ENERGIAS DO BRASIL S.A. ("Energias do Brasil" or "Group") (Bovespa: ENBR3), a holding company in the electric utilities sector trading on Bovespa's Novo Mercado, today announces its results for the second quarter and the first six months of 2008 (2Q08 and 1H08). The information is presented on a consolidated basis in accordance with Brazilian Corporate Law and is based on reviewed financial information. The independent auditors did not review the operating information. Amounts are expressed in thousands of Reais, except where otherwise stated.

-- Energy volumes sold by the generation business in 2Q08 amounted to 1,428 GWh, a 9.0% increase compared with 2Q07.

-- Energy volumes distributed in 2Q08 totaled 6,444 GWh, 2.8% more than in 2Q07.

-- Consolidated net operating revenue totaled R$ 1,202.9 million in 2Q08, 3.9% more than 2Q07, mainly due to the growth in the volume of energy sold and higher average prices practiced by the generation business.

-- Manageable expenditures, excluding depreciation and amortization, declined 15.9% compared with 2Q07, the main highlight here being the reduction in the Provisions and Others accounts.

-- EBITDA for 2Q08 reached R$ 323.4 million, a YOY increase of 3.8%. Worthy of mention is the growth of 19.0% in the generation segment's EBITDA, which reached R$ 117.5 million.

-- Capital expenditures amounted to R$ 196.7 million, 54.1% up on the amount recorded for the same period last year due to the repowering of the Mascarenhas and Suica Hydro Power Plants (HPP) as well as investments in the Santa Fe Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP).

-- An asset swap agreement between Energias do Brasil and Grupo Rede, which when concluded, will allow Energias do Brasil to control Investco (concessionaire of the Lajeado HPP) and Rede Lajeado, assuming the management control of Investco and consolidating 100 % of both assets.

-- In June 2008, EDP Renovaveis Brasil (EDPRB) was constituted and acquired 100% of the Central Nacional de Energia Eolica S.A. (CENAEEL) for R$ 51.3 million. CENAEEL has two wind farms in operation in the state of Santa Catarina, with an installed capacity of 13.8 MW and a 70 MW expansion project

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