HERTEN, Germany, October 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Electricity from waste heat - without the release of additional carbon dioxide. This conserves resources and saves money, benefits both climate and environment and provides fresh stimulus to the entire energy market. And it is exactly what has now been achieved by a German research company which had originally occupied itself with an entirely different but equally revolutionary technical process - generating drinking water from the air.

"Our technology opens up a resource which has so far been unexploited - the moisture contained in the earth's atmosphere," is how Hubert Hamm, CEO of Aqua Society GmbH in Herten, Germany, explains his invention. "This process was originally used in the mining industry to cool the air below ground, where it produced condensation. We have now simply reversed the process: our equipment sucks in large amounts of air, cools it to the condensation point and in this way generates water which is then filtered and mineralized."

This means that pure drinking water can be produced in any location where refrigeration or air conditioning is available. However, in order to reduce the energy costs involved in this water production the engineers at Aqua Society continued their researches and have now developed a system with which the waste heat created by the cooling process can be converted to electricity. Previously a large part of the heat energy created was simply allowed to escape into the air, which those who have a fridge or air conditioner experience for themselves every day.

State-subsidized environmentally sustainable energy generation

The project aimed at generating CO2-free power, which was subsidized by funds from the North Rhine-Westphalia state government and the EU Regional Development Fund, uses special low-pressure expansion apparatus which makes it financially viable to exploit waste heat with a temperature of below 100degreesC - something which had so far been regarded as technically impossible.

In addition to industrial processes and power stations, possible areas of application are any and all facilities which generate waste heat. There is particular interest in the possibility of recovering additional electricity from the waste heat produced by combined heat and power plants and biogas facilities.

Aqua Society GmbH was founded in 2004 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aqua Society Inc., whose shares are traded at the German stock exchange in Frankfurt (WKN: A0DPH0, ISIN: USO3841C1009) and New York (OTC:AQAS.OB).

Press contact: Aqua Society GmbH Dr. Volker Schulz Press and PR Officer Zukunftszentrum Herten Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 9-13 45699 Herten Tel.: +49(0)2366-30-52-54 E-Mail: presse@aqua-society.com Web: http://www.aqua-society.com

Press contact: Aqua Society GmbH, Dr. Volker Schulz, Press and PR Officer, Zukunftszentrum Herten, Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 9-13 45699 Herten, Tel.: +49(0)2366-30-52-54, E-Mail: presse@aqua-society.com