PANAMA CITY, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- EPAY announces the launch of their newest EPAY debit card, ideal for personal and business usage worldwide.

EPAY Inc. is a high performance, online payment platform allowing consumers and small businesses to send and receive money transfers worldwide through debit cards.

EPAY strives to provide financial products to facilitate financial transactions between individuals and businesses worldwide, easing the gaps in financial systems, reducing transaction times and the associated costs of sending and receiving funds, said an EPAY company representative.

In an effort to provide superior financial products to their clients worldwide, the company recently launched their newest EPAY debit card, offering features and benefits attractive to both consumers and small business owners.

This EPAY debit card was designed to provide consumers and small business owners with the following financial benefits:

- Usage at all participating ATMs worldwide - POS transaction capability - Online purchase capabilities - The option to establish the debit card as a payout card - Easy solution to send funds to family members around the globe - Business owners can issue 2-300 cards to their employees, giving them a variety of payroll, commission and benefits payment options, reducing the expense of managing these functionalities in-house. - Business owners can utilize this EPAY debit card to pay affiliate commissions worldwide, a great solution for business owners looking to expand their online affiliate network. - Business owners can reduce transaction costs associated with bank wires and cash transfers to vendors, employees, and affiliates. - Loading an EPAY debit card is also a faster transaction option for delivering cash than traditional business checks. - Because there is not a conversion fee assessed for international transactions, EPAY debit cards are a less expensive option for both individuals and business owners. - EPAY Master Account allows easy payroll and payouts management.

This new debit card is one of many financial products offered by the company to both individuals and business owners. For more information about the new EPAY debit card or any of their other financial products, visit


EPAY is a high-performance online payment gateway that allows you to send money and receive money transfers from around the world through EPAY debit cards. Our online payment system offers more benefits than a regular bank account or payment system.

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