MANCHESTER, England, June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Automated technology has never had it so good and you could say the same for businesses all over the world who are making dramatic savings and improving customer relationships by rolling out the latest EPoS systems ( ) across numerous different industries.

Found in almost all major retail stores, restaurants and other businesses in the 21st century, Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems provide companies with a fast and convenient way of transacting sales, while at the same time recording vital business information and consumer trends - and that's a key reason why has experienced such huge demand since launching earlier this year.

After the initial beta phase, the website is now fully operational with an easy-to-use platform that puts buyers and sellers in touch.

If you're looking to expand your business solutions with EPoS technology, simply head to and follow their buyers guide for in-depth advice. One standalone system can be an expensive investment so it's crucial that buyers weigh up every aspect of their purchase.

They can then fill in a quick quote form and does the rest, finding the perfect system based on the buyer's prerequisites. Filterable options include the need for specific features such as printers, barcode scanners and touch screen monitors - while buyers can also stipulate how many terminals they need and their budget limits to perfectly customise their purchase.

The benefits across all industries are endless; not least the hospitality sector which has embraced EPoS and kiosks more than any other vertical. Hoteliers have seen terminals fitted seamlessly into bar, restaurant and reception areas, streamlining operations and making points-of-service more secure and visible.

Though Hospitality EPoS ( ) is just one small success story in the whole automated technology boom which, despite its obvious achievements so far, is only going to get bigger and better according to the Information Technology Innovation Foundation - an impartial, American think tank.

The report surveys the adoption of self-service technologies delivered via kiosks and the internet and the many benefits to consumers, businesses and the economy.

And crucially, the report also helps makes the case for the government to embrace self-service technology to deliver services more efficiently and more conveniently to citizens.

Self-service technology is becoming increasingly common. From check-in kiosks at hotels and airports to check-out scanners and retail EPoS ( at grocery stores, consumers are taking advantage of new technologies to enjoy convenience, efficiency and lower costs, said Daniel Castro, ITIF senior analyst. Self-service technology is the latest example of how technological innovation is benefiting individual consumers and creating dynamism throughout the economy.

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