ZURICH, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Silverstroke AG, an Ettlingen/Germany-based communications solution provider, won this year's European AutoID Award in the category RFID. In doing so, the awarding committee acknowledged a groundbreaking object surveillance solution which uses RFID to protect an art collection. The winning project was realized by Silverstroke in collaboration with the GU and systems integrator, Siemens Building Technologies, as well as Albis Technologies. The application is based on active RFID transponders by Albis. Thereby reading devices in the exhibition rooms interconnect the RFID transponders with the application-software. This design ensures continuous surveillance of the exhibits.

Within this security solution, which does not depend on any unaesthetic cabling and mechanical security devices, all exhibits are equipped with RFID transponders (tags) from the ZOMOFI product line. These tags have two basic functions. On the one hand, they emit so-called heartbeats, communicating their location and functionality in the interest of security monitoring; and on the other hand, they operate as motion detectors, automatically sending an alarm signal to the security center if triggered through movement.

The award, which is sponsored and annually presented by the Association of Automatic Identification, Data Collection and Mobile Data Communication (Verband für Automatische Identifikation, Datenerfassung und Mobile Datenkommunikation), recognizes aspects such as forward thinking, applicability, quality and sustainability. We are proud to have contributed towards Silverstroke's gold medal with the intelligent, active RFID transponders, said Zeno Stämmer, head of the ZOMOFI Division at Albis Technologies. It is further confirmation of the fact that intelligent and groundbreaking total solutions can become reality with our active RFID products.

Image material is available at http://www.albistechnologies.com/pressinfo.

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