LONDON, November 11 /PRNewswire/ -- A new report 'Data Centre Pricing 2010 to 2015' provides Data Centre pricing and forecasts for 19 countries and analyses pricing of a standard 19 rack, small cage space and a 50 KVA suite of space for each country providing unique details of the landscape and trends affecting Data Centres:

- The largest Data Centre markets are the UK, Germany, France Spain for both raised floor space and revenues. In 2010, the UK accounts for 16% of the raised floor space in the 19 countries followed by Germany (14%), France (10%), Spain (8%) and Italy and Netherlands (both on 6%) - Whilst raised floor capacity in all markets is projected to increase by an average of 14% per annum, revenue is to increase by some 25% per year over the period. The robust health of the Data Centre sector sees revenue per square metre increase from 5% to 8% per annum. - Overall Data Centre revenue across the 19 countries is forecast to increase from 3.2 Billion (2010) to 7.3 Billion Euro per annum by 2015. - The most expensive average Data Centre countries in our survey are Denmark, Switzerland Ireland (with monthly rates per rack from 1,300 Euro to 1,050 Euro).

Data Centre operators are reporting stable pricing conditions with price rises being attained in spite the economic slowdown.

Although rates for large customers requiring dedicated cage space and suites remain competitive, there is a general increase in price levels which reflects the increased demand for housing, hosting and co location space and the strength of the Data Centre outsourcing model.


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Data Centre Pricing 2010 to 2015 report

This report includes pricing analysis for 19 European countries. Coverage: Markets utilisation rates, cage rates, rack rates and 50 KVA suite rates with forecasts for raised floor space.

Upcoming TCL report 'MOBILE ROAMING PRICING TRENDS 2010' sees a range of voice, SMS and Data roaming services developing in the EU, but a lack of competition in other regions coupled with a lack of customer awareness continues to hinder roaming usage.

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