HERTEN, Germany, November 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Reporting from its head office in Herten, Germany, Aqua Society GmbH has announced that the European Patent Office in Munich has now approved a European patent for the 'process for converting heat energy into mechanical energy with low-pressure expansion equipment," to which Aqua Society GmbH holds the licensing rights. European patent certificate EP 1 702 140 B1 has been published under patent sheet 2007/34.

In all industrial nations exhaust heat in the low temperature sector represents a widely unused source of potential energy. In addition to sources of waste heat from industrial processes and power stations, this process can also be used for the exploitation of other heat sources for electricity generation, for example in the area of solar and geothermal energy. Added to this is the generation of energy from condenser heat from refrigeration and air-conditioning units, or the plant developed by Aqua Society for obtaining water from the air, the waste heat from combined heat and power plants and heat from exhaust air and water flows.

Fraunhofer study calculates the potential for electricity from waste heat

The use of low-temperature heat for generating electricity could make a major contribution to the conservation of fossil energy resources and to cutting CO2 emissions. The potential of 'electricity from exhaust heat at a low temperature level' was calculated in 2006 in a study of the potential commissioned by Aqua Society from the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) in Oberhausen. In Germany alone waste heat of 8.4 gigawatts of electrical power or 37 terawatt hours (TWhel/a) is generated, which corresponds to 6.5 per cent of overall electricity requirements. The process is being tested and developed as part of a 'future competition' project in the Ruhr area. At present Aqua Society is in discussion with major energy suppliers with a view to extending the development of the technology and opening up the world's markets with a strong partner.

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