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- DME Mobile E-Mail Client Provides First Secure Solution for Corporate E-Mails on the iPhone

Excitor A/S, the mobile e-mail and mobile device management specialist, has today announced the launch of a DME mobile e-mail client for handling corporate e-mails on the iPhone. The launch signifies a new era for the iPhone; providing IT departments with the assurance that executives and employees can securely access company e-mails, documents and contacts from their iPhone when away from the office.

The new mobile e-mail support for the iPhone will undoubtedly offer huge benefits to corporate users, and likewise to IT departments who can finally have the added assurance that they are adhering to corporate security policies and government regulations to avoid data breaches. The new mobile e-mail client from Excitor means that IT departments will now be able to allow managers, executive and employees to use the iPhone without worrying about the security implications of doing so.

"Excitor has worked intensively to develop a DME e-mail client compatible with the iPhone handset. Today's announcement means that the next generation of iPhones can become a sleek and now also secure professional work tool, not only limited for consumer use" says Carsten Eliot, CTO at Excitor.

The only enterprise-class e-mail client on the market

According to Eliot, the first iPhone DME e-mail solution will be available for customers in October of this year:

"The first version of the DME iPhone client will support synchronisation of contacts and e-mail for both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. As the only solution on the market with these capabilities, it will also include e-mail attachment support, allow synchronisation of e-mail sub-folders, search e-mails on the server and allow users to access their global contact books."

This makes the DME the leading solution for the iPhone when it comes to enterprise-class synchronisation of e-mails and security facilities.

"Unlike other early market offerings, we have developed a fully secure mobile e-mail client for the iPhone which does not only rely on the IMAP protocol or web-based interfaces for e-mail exchange," Eliot continues, "This enables us to provide our customers with the best possible security while offering the same administration and infrastructure for the iPhone as the DME solution provides for all other device types."

Excitor's DME e-mail client for the iPhone will support the same high level of security and fine grained control options as DME provides for other mobile handsets. Traffic to the iPhone will be encrypted, and then all messages on the phone will be stored in an encrypted format and only decrypted when viewed on the phone. As always with DME mobile e-mail on a mobile phone, the solution is password protected and the authentication is fully integrated into both Domino LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. With these secure features, enterprise IT Managers have the additional assurance that the iPhone will not pose security threats to their networks.

iPhone style appeal important for senior executives too

"There is little doubt that the iPhone is a sought after handset, and its sleek design is a major reason for this demand. However, having stylish handsets to use in a business environment is equally as important as having the latest technologies for personal use," adds Torben Haase, CEO at Excitor.

"The majority of requests that the IT department receives for iPhone use are from executives who have bought an iPhone on their own and who wish to use it as a company phone. We see strong signs that this trend will continue."

An important part of Excitor's strategy

Excitor's overall strategy builds on the idea that all employees should have mobile phones with access to corporate e-mail.

"We recognise two strong trends in the market. Firstly, organisations have come under increased pressure to make sure that all devices within their business are secure - this includes mobile phones," says Eliot.

"Secondly, mobile e-mail has become an important tool for organisations of all sizes who want to be able to offer employees mobile phones that accommodate individual needs and preferences."

"For us it was a natural step to extend our DME client to the iPhone, to ensure Excitor continues to deliver a dynamic and innovative product that is flexible enough to accommodate the wide variety of mobile needs for today's organisations including the need for high security around corporate data on mobile phones. With our new, secure DME e-mail client for the iPhone, we have made it possible for companies to bring this popular device within their walls, without leaving them vulnerable on the security front."

Free through the Apple Application Store

As with all other applications built for the iPhone, the DME solution will be distributed via Apple's Application Store. "We will make the DME solution available for free," comments Eliot, "Our enterprise customers and partners are eager to get their hands on the iPhone e-mail application, and we are working to make this available to the market within the next couple of months."

The DME iPhone e-mail client requires a DME gateway server installed and DME user licenses. The DME iPhone client will be available for DME server version 2.0 and onwards.

About Excitor A/S

Excitor is a software company that develops and sells DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) to organisations across Europe. With sales and implementation offices and partners in the Benelux countries, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, Excitor is present in Europe's largest mobility markets, assisting enterprises of all sizes with mobilising their workforces, and effectively managing their mobile fleets. DME gives users access to company e-mail, calendar, company documents and contacts on their mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs. In addition, DME ensures that companies can administer and support many mobile units - centrally and effectively - without compromising security. DME supports all major mobile operating systems, runs on all networks, and is operator-independent. The close integration between device management, security and e-mail and PIM synchronisation offers the best possible protection of data and mobile devices, as well as the lowest TCO on the market. In addition, DME's fully-integrated reporting tool, Mobile Analyzer, provides companies with complete statistics and analysis of data and voice consumption. These reporting capabilities combined with DME's management tools, give companies full control over user behaviour, traffic costs and the enforcement of security policies. DME is a well-tested solution and has been used by companies such as Ernst & Young, Handelsbanken, Marsh, Orkla, Siemens and Sterling for a long period of time. Also many municipalities, manufacturing companies, banks, insurance companies, international accounting firms and other financial institutions use DME today.

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For more information: Annette McKenzie, Media Relations, Tel: +45-70-21-68-00, S:; Camellia Zarbhanelian, Band & Brown Communications, Tel: +44-207-419-7330, S: