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- Users' Professional Email Signature or Mail Disclaimer Consistency Enforced by
Automated Marketing and Corporate Central Control by Adding a Branded Disclaimer
to Email

Exclaimer, the mail utilities software developer, has
announced the launch of Signature Manager to provide a disclaimer to email,
automated branding, campaign and mail disclaimer signature functionality to all
corporate email as it is sent. Working with Outlook's built-in signature
feature, Signature Manager delivers a consistent, up-to-date approved corporate
professional email signature onto every company email from a centrally managed
location, negating the need for manual set up of often inconsistent, or even
nonexistent, Outlook email signatures.

With email remaining the natural choice for quick, easy and auditable corporate
communications with clients and prospects, Signature Manager
provides the facility to consistently carry the company's brand or current
marketing message on a professional email signature within all outbound email
correspondence via a mail disclaimer. This creates reliable brand, campaign and
messaging through adding a disclaimer to email throughout the entire company.

Andrew Millington, Managing Director of Exclaimer, comments, Branding corporate
email with a professional email signature is often underutilised as a way of
promoting an organisation's products and services. Signature Manager provides a
way of creating and managing corporate identity through a mail disclaimer
automatically from a central source For example, web style
banner advertising campaigns and current promotions or marketing activity can be
inserted into Outlook email signatures across the company by adding a disclaimer
to email. Email recipients are then automatically and regularly kept up-to-date
on new product releases, service upgrades, company news, events and even

Millington continues, Signature Manager is an effective way to raise brand
awareness with a professional email signature and stand out from competitors who
may also be sending to your prospect and add a disclaimer to email messages.
It's an incredibly effective way of putting your brand in front of every single
person who receives and reads your emails, consistently and with every email
through a mail disclaimer.

Provided either as a template, or available to create from scratch, Signature
Manager enables full control over the professional email signature to be displayed and to which recipient with its sophisticated
rules engine; for example, based on individual users, security and distribution
groups for each mail disclaimer. The engine can also restrict the use of
selected signatures based on a specific date or time range and patterns such as
days of the week - ideal for companies with a specific themed message, such as a
Valentine's offer or Christmas promotion or those attending or hosting multiple
events through the year and need to add a branded disclaimer to email.

Signature Manager also allows inclusion of information within the professional
email signature from a company's Microsoft Active Directory, such as an employee
image or corporate logo to be branded on an outgoing mail disclaimer. This
automatically reinforces the brand and makes employees' who add a disclaimer to
email more consistent and personalised.

Millington concludes, It is often difficult to maintain your organisation's
corporate image when Outlook users can change the fonts and colours they use for
their mail disclaimer on email replies, forwards and new messages. Exclaimer
Signature Manager gives the ability to enforce an organisation's corporate image
by adding a branded disclaimer to email, maintaining a specific font, colour and
size and therefore brand across all users to create a standard professional
email signature.

Since 2001, Exclaimer has been a developer and market industry
leader of mail utilities software designed exclusively for the Microsoft
Exchange Server, with over 800 partners and more than 27 million users
worldwide. Exclaimer's customer base consists of companies of all sizes, from
SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

About Exclaimer

Founded in 2001, Exclaimer's best-selling suite of software tools enable
disclaiming, branding, signature, anti-spam, retention-policy enforcement,
mail-store compression and regulatory compliance for corporate email, to ensure
compliance to both internal requirements and external regulations.

Easy to install, Exclaimer's applications centralize control over the email
system for the entire enterprise and ensure that additions and enhancements to
emails appear consistently and uniformly, regardless of whether they are sent
from a mobile device, the desktop or webmail.

Today, Exclaimer is the world's leading provider of mail utilities and software
add-on products for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, with more than 27 million
users worldwide. Exclaimer's customer base consists of companies of all sizes,
from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit

For further information, please contact: Andrew Millington / Chris Crawshay
Exclaimer Limited +44(0)845-050-2300 Kirsty Cornell /
Krista Cundy The itpr Group +44(0)1932-578800

SOURCE: Exclaimer

For further information, please contact:, Andrew Millington / Chris Crawshay,
Exclaimer Limited, +44(0)845-050-2300; Kirsty Cornell / Krista Cundy, The itpr
Group, +44(0)1932-578800