LONDON, November 15 /PRNewswire/ --

- Pin Ups and Pop Stars Join Politicians in the Definitive List of Business Icons

Celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Katie Price along with supermodel, Elle Macpherson, have featured on a new list of the most inspiring celebrity entrepreneurs. The late Anita Roddick and JK Rowling topped the recent poll, followed by Margaret Thatcher, Jacqueline Gold of Ann Summers fame and Martha Lane Fox. The research, by everywoman and NatWest, quizzed successful female entrepreneurs about role models for women who want to run their own business.

The research explores the motivating factors for female entrepreneurs and whilst flexibility, work-life balance and being one's own boss were all cited, 86% of participants agreed that celebrity entrepreneurs play a positive role in encouraging women to set up businesses. The under 25s were three times more likely to be influenced by celebrity entrepreneurs over traditional role models (38% v 11%) demonstrating that their influence is shaping the next generation of business owners.

Karen Gill, co-founder of everywoman, comments, "Small businesses have been boosted by programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragon's Den alongside household names such as Anita Roddick and Martha Lane Fox. At another level the likes of Victoria Beckham and Katie Price are also inspiring younger generations of would be entrepreneurs. Their glamour and pin up status belie a savvy business sense that has seen both of them achieve phenomenal success thanks to hard graft and their sheer determination to succeed."

The research, undertaken by everywoman and NatWest, looks at the influence of "celebrity entrepreneurs" as role models for women in business. Over 1,000(1) business women with an average turnover of GBP1.3 million(2), were surveyed.

The top 20 celebrity entrepreneurs identified by the research were:

1) JK Rowling - author

2) Anita Roddick - founder of The Body Shop

3) Margaret Thatcher - first female Prime Minister

4) Jacqueline Gold - CEO Ann Summers

5) Martha Lane Fox - co-founder of

6) Karren Brady - managing director of Birmingham City Football Club (youngest MD of UK plc)

7) Delia Smith - cook, author, broadcaster

8) Michelle Mone - founder of Ultimo lingerie

9) Nicola Horlick - founder of Bramdean Asset Management

10) Dame Stella Rimington - first female director of MI5

11) Katie Price (aka Jordan) - model, author and business woman

12) Deborah Meaden - Dragon's Den panelist and business investor

13) Chrissie Rucker - founder of The White Company

14) Stella McCartney - fashion designer

15) Tamara Mellon - founder of Jimmy Choo shoes

16) Clara Furse - first female CEO, London Stock Exchange

17) Victoria Beckham - performing artist, author and designer

18) Elle Macpherson - model and business woman

19) Kelly Hoppen - interior designer

20) Rebekah Wade - editor of The Sun