LONDON, November 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fitness Industry Association (FIA) today announced that it aims to engage one million more people with a new national campaign, More Active 4 Life.

The announcement, made by Fred Turok, Chairman of LA Fitness and the FIA at the annual industry summit 'Delivering A Healthier Britain', is part of the industry's commitment to support the Government's recently launched Change 4 Life campaign and was made before an audience of over 300 industry leaders and senior executives.

Speaking on the Change 4 Life campaign, The Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo, Minister of State for Public Health, praised More Active 4 Life and the FIA's professionalism and passion to deliver on its objectives and improve the wellbeing of children and families across the UK; Working together we can ensure that people grow up healthy, become wealthy and they become wise by understanding the simple relationship between how much they eat and how much they exercise and if they get the balance wrong, they do damage to their health.

Andrew Lansley CBE MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, applauded the industry's commitment to improving the health of the nation and pledged his party's commitment to Change 4 Life and outlined the Conservative's commitment to pro-social campaigns, to raise the self-esteem of young people, and impact their long term futures.

As a strategic delivery partner, the FIA and its members will prove a critical component of the GBP275 million nationwide campaign. Change 4 Life is designed to address the fact that 50 per cent of the population will be obese by 2050 and that the NHS faces bankruptcy if British consumers do not make immediate and major lifestyle changes.

Speaking at the summit, Fred Turok, said: As a key delivery partner, we believe that Change 4 Life can start to turn this public health juggernaut around: this is why we launched More Active 4 Life, an activity led programme, delivered by 2,500 members locally and designed to inspire and enable an additional one million people to become more active and to reach out to the morbidly inactive 50% of the population who currently take no physical activity.

Our aim is simple: to get one million more people exercising regularly by exploiting our nationwide expertise and resources to inspire the inactive 50% of the population who are not active enough to derive any health benefits from it, to develop healthier lifestyles by making simple, achievable, sustainable changes and creating a positive impact on the NHS and UK plc.

The Fitness Industry Association's Annual Summit-Delivering A Healthier Britain, was held today in London.

It was chaired by David Davies OBE, former Executive Director of the FA.

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