BOURNEMOUTH, England, September 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- We can all think of reasons to delay starting a particular discipline, whether it is embarking on an exercise regime, regularly sorting your paperwork or eating more healthily. Saving for your future is no different and Teachers ( Assurance dispel the top five common reasons that people use to deter themselves from saving:

1. I can't afford it!

It's easy to say this, but without taking a proper look at your income and expenditure how do you know for sure? Visit the Teachers Assurance FREE budget calculator, where you can input your incomings and outgoings to ascertain where your money is going. It'll show you your amount of monthly disposable income, so you can see how much you can afford to save.

2. There's no money left at the end of the month

It's easy to spend everything if you don't budget effectively. But, if you pay attention to where your money goes, you may be surprised at how much is spent on unnecessary luxuries you could easily do without:

For example: Spending just GBP1.70 per day on a newspaper and coffee equates to GBP50 a month

With a little planning, most of us could reduce our monthly expenditure - and small adjustments to your spending habits now, will mean you can look forward to the bigger things you want later.

3. The school trip needs to be paid for this month...I'll start next month!

Realistically, there will always be something that needs paying for which means you could delay saving indefinitely. However if you put aside small, regular amounts, you'll soon get used to the discipline of saving and after a month or two, you probably won't even miss the money you set aside.

4. I don't know what sort of saving plan to take out

You could spend endless hours trawling the web researching interest rates, but with the more traditional savings accounts currently producing low returns, now could be a good time to consider a different type of regular investment.

5. I haven't got time to sort it out now!

When does a busy teacher ever have time? With our savings plans you can apply online - it's a quick and simple process and you could have it sorted within 10 minutes.

The importance of saving

However much we all think we can't save for the future, it seems, for the time being anyway, that the culture of easy credit is over. More and more of us are having to revert to our parents' approach of saving the money first, to buy the things we want later. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Easy credit is tempting - perhaps too tempting - as many of us rack up unwanted debt in order to keep up with the Jones's.

Think how much more satisfying it would be to live within your means; saving up for the things you'd like, knowing that you won't have to spend the following months (or even years) paying over the odds for them.

That's why it's important to put aside your misconceptions about whether you should start saving now and stop making excuses. Don't put off investing for your future. Making provision now will buy yourself peace of mind as well as funding the extras you may want later in life.

Time to start saving?

If reading this has inspired you to join the growing number of savers in this country, you might like to take a look at our Savings options:-

Tax-Free Savings Plan ( ) (Save from GBP25 per month - that's less than GBP1 a day!) Guaranteed Savings Plan ( (Save from GBP50 per month) ISAs ( (Save from GBP50 per month) Unit Trusts ( (Save from GBP50 per month)

Alternatively, if all this sounds too much like hard work, why not request an appointment with one of our Financial Consultants who will come and help you work out where you can cut down on your monthly bills and what to do with the money you save as a result.

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