PARIS, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- - WCC's ELISE Software has Been Selected to Transform the Process of Matching Candidates With Job Offers.

WCC Smart Search Match, a leading provider of high-performance search and match software, announced today that the French Public Employment Service, Pole Emploi, implemented the ELISE Smart Search and Match platform throughout its organization on 7 February, both for visitors to its website at and its consultants/agents.

This success has been made possible by using WCC's ELISE software, which optimally supports the process of matching candidates with job offers.

WCC has already implemented a similar project in Germany with the same technology partners, and under comparable technical and political conditions, during the Hartz reform of the German social welfare system, commented Peter Went, the CEO of WCC.

We are proud of our contribution to assisting people in their return to work in countries where we have implemented our technology, such as Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. We are certain that we can help Pole Emploi to obtain the same success for job seekers in France.

This project represents a milestone in the implementation of the Pole Emploi information system. It was possible to complete the project in only 10 months thanks to excellent cooperation between the WCC teams, its integrator and Pole Emploi.

About Pole Emploi

Pole Emploi is a new provider resulting from the merger of the ANPE (Agence national pour l'emploi) and the Assedic network (Associations pour l'emploi dans l'industrie et le commerce). Its mission is to receive, inform, guide and accompany job seekers as well as to pay benefits to insured job seekers. Other objectives include surveying the employment market and assisting companies in recruitment.

The site is the leading French job website with 22 million visitors a month.

About WCC Smart Search Match

WCC is the world leader in search and match software technology. Its ELISE search and match platform generates exceptional results with unparalleled speed. The results are much more relevant and precise than those obtained from conventional search technology, while at the same time offering unbeatable speed, precision, quality and reliability. WCC's areas of competence extend to human resources, identification/biometrics and other markets.

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