LONDON, February 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Frost Sullivan '2009 World Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Niche Player of the Year Award', is presented to Atlantis Energy Systems (AES), a leading technology development and manufacturing company in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products. The award is in recognition of the company's successful initiatives in entering a niche market with innovative and user friendly solutions, understanding the needs of the customers and providing solutions, blending innovative developments, years of experience, superior quality, and service. The company's offering of unmatched BIPV and solar roofing solutions has been the basis on which it has been recognized as the originator of BIPV, and continues to be one of the leaders in the market. The company's flagship product, SUNSLATES(TM), launched in 1998, and is a complete solar electric roofing tile system. It is the only product of its type that offers a roof warranty. Quality performance coupled with aesthetic design is the hallmark of AES' BIPV products. Apart from its existing array of solar products, AES continues to develop innovative sustainable energy harvesting products through its research and development process.


Award Description

The Niche Player of the Year Award is presented to a company that has demonstrated excellence in its market by successfully offering a highly focused product line within its specific market segment. The award recognizes Atlantis' dedicated commitment to developing a successful service or product line in a single segment. Additionally, Atlantis has, and continues to demonstrate sound business and marketing strategies to ensure market success.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio for BIPV Applications

Two of AES' product lines comprising the roofing slates known as SUNSLATES(TM) and the innovative custom photovoltaic glass laminates, are widely accepted in the BIPV market. SUNSLATES(TM) form a part of an advanced PV system that not only turns the roof into a solar power plant, but also is safety rated from wind, water, blackouts, and fire. SUNSLATES(TM) have recently been improved by adding hybrid thermal collection component, which harvests heat energy while cooling the slates. Additionally, Atlantis has a family of frameless roofing modules which are designed to meet the requirements of a very broad representation of roofs and price ranges. For catering to the BIPV needs of the economical customers, AES introduced its simple roofing system known as BIG FOOT. It is an ideal flat roof photovoltaic mounting system comprising interlocking module-inverter-rack mounting structure, which prevents roof penetration or blasting. In the range of custom glass laminates, AES develops custom glass panels, which are built for meeting specific commercial and architectural customer requirements. These custom panels can be skylights, windows, as well as structural building components ...anyplace where glass is used. Please visit the gallery on their website at to see a complete display of SUNSLATES(TM) and custom glazing projects.

BITERS - A Breakthrough Innovation Demonstrating Technological Leadership

With this press release, Atlantis is announcing its newest product - a hybrid system called the Building Integrated Thermo Electric Roofing System (BITERS). This system is a combination of both solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, which delivers not only electricity, but also sustainable hot water which can be used for heating and/or domestic hot water production. Atlantis continues to lead the way with solutions that turn the roof into a sustainable power generator with the BITERS system, capable of harvesting a large portion of the enormous amount of energy that falls on a roof in a single sunny day. The long term strategy for Atlantis is to be a primary solution providing partner for the emerging Zero Net Energy Home industry.

Superior Service and Support

Apart from presenting an array of unique and innovative BIPV products to meet the need for solar renewable energy, AES also offers world-class service in the niche BIPV market. Resting on a foundation built of decades of manufacturing experience, the company holds itself to a zero defect policy. This level is maintained by a tuned team of professionals from plant manager, that extends to every Atlantis employee, all knowing the importance of team work and process in delivering the zero defect product. Additional services provided by AES to its' customers include system design, project co-ordination, and system integration. For their dealers and associates, AES offers a certified factory installation training program which continues to grow the Team of Atlantis Dealer and Installer Services worldwide. The list currently includes the US, Germany, China, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Czech Republic, South Africa, and France.

Product Solutions Well Established in the Market

Some of its major landmark projects include the Sun Sail in Switzerland, Como Park Centre in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Cal Trans Building in Los Angeles, California, White Hall Ferry Building facade in New York City, and the Water + Life Museums in California. Moreover, AES is presently involved in numerous BIPV projects throughout the world, some of which include Future House USA (aka. American House), Natomas Carport in Sacramento, the Austin Sunflower, and residences from Tiburon to Boston. The customized solar panels of AES are built accordingly to the specifications of the customer, offering power production as well as aesthetic element to the structure. For example of the latter, the Kankakee Community College project in Illinois uses solar cells on soaring glass not only as a decorative shading pattern but also to produce electricity.

Future House USA (American House) Beijing, China

Atlantis also takes great pride in being a part of the esteemed Future House USA project (FHUSA), which displays its efficient and aesthetic BIPV applications including SUNSLATES(TM) Hybrid System, Solar Trees, LED interior lighting, built into a super high performance envelope. Most of the energy efficient products, including those from Atlantis, were manufactured in the US, and shipped into China in eleven containers. Last July, in an unprecedented event arranged by the US Embassy in Beijing, two US Secretaries of State visited the FHUSA in Beijing. Atlantis Chairman Frank C. Pao was on hand, with FHUSA Director George Bialecki Jr., and FHUSA Team Leader Prof. Yong Tao of Florida International University, to meet with US Energy Secretary Chu and US Commerce Secretary Locke, and answer their questions of which there were many, first hand. According to the press reports, the Secretaries were immediately struck by the clean appearance of the SUNSLATES(TM) and the Solar Trees, as incorporated into the Frank Lloyd Wright style house. Mr. Bialecki continues working in China with his company Solid G Energy, a technical transfer company that represents the products as demonstrated in the FHUSA, including the Atlantis line of BIPV products. The goal of Mr. Pao and Mr. Bialecki as well as the other primary participants in the FHUSA Project, is to continue to build the import market into China for high quality American made sustainable and non-toxic solar products.

Successful Business Alliances and Partnerships

AES has formed many profitable strategic alliances with construction and roofing companies for increasing market share. Atlantis was a sponsor of the National Association of Home Builders Demonstration Green home designed by William McDonough, providing a hybrid roofing system for the project. In Dec of 2009 Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. in conjunction with Florida's C5K Energy, was notified of the official approval of SUNSLATES(TM) from the Department of Community Affairs, Florida Building Codes, thus allowing SUNSLATES(TM) expansion into that important, sun rich market. Moreover, the company also collaborates with other photovoltaic companies on specific projects such as the iconic PV Sunflowers public art in Austin, Texas, or the stunning Sun Sail in Switzerland. Complete dealer contact information and project photos are available at Atlantis is also proud of its long term and successful work relationship with NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Development Authority) in the partnership of continuing to grow the Atlantis sustainable products manufacturing base, and create jobs in New York State.


With an extensive array of unique BIPV solutions, leading innovations, superior service and support, widely accepted products, flexible and customizable solutions, and successful business alliances and partnerships, Atlantis Energy Systems has successfully ventured into the BIPV market. Acknowledged as the world's first provider of BIPV and solar roofing solutions, AES has emerged as a company that can be trusted for varied solar needs. All these cumulative factors make Atlantis Energy Systems the worthy recipient of the '2009 World Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Niche Player of the Year Award.'

For further information on Atlantis sloped roof and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products, please feel free to call the Atlantis Sacramento California sales office at +1-916-438-2930, or the Atlantis Orange County California sales office at +1-858-433-9743.

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Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc., a privately-held Delaware corporation, is a leading manufacturer of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products. Atlantis offers a family of BIPV product solutions for residential and high-end homeowners, commercial real estate developers, governments and institutions. Using a proprietary, state of the industry glazing technology, Atlantis laminates PV cells into glass for use in BIPV applications covering the full spectrum of commercial and residential roofs, skylights, facades, atriums, sunshades and canopies. Atlantis' two primary products - SUNSLATES(TM) PV roofing system and custom architectural PV glazing systems - are the cornerstones of a family of BIPV products including the A 100 solar electric Skylight, the MegaSlate PV Roof system and the BIG FOOT for large flat roof and landfill applications. AES services include design support/integration, on-site project coordination, training and warranty service.

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