SAN JOSE, California, November 19 /PRNewswire/ -- GameStreamer Inc., a digital distribution network, announced today it will be publicly demonstrating for the first time its proprietary non-linear predictive streaming technology at Streaming Media West 2009. This revolutionary technology provides a far superior user experience by streaming games and video 90% faster than existing technologies, negating the requirement to install games and deal with incompatibility issues, and improving the experience each time as the technology learns consumer game play behavioral patterns.

GameStreamer is passionate about video games and wants to do its part to make the complete user experience awesome, said Nathan Lands, EVP Co-Founder of GameStreamer, Inc. Digital distribution has surpassed physical retail PC games as consumers are choosing the convenience and selection just not possible with traditional boxed games. We see our predictive streaming technology as a means to facilitate this evolution through empowering people with the freedom to play what they want, when they want, without the hassle of downloads and installations. People today want speed and simplicity in their online gaming experience and our streaming technology gives them both.

GameStreamer's streaming process begins by encoding a standard retail ready game into the GameStreamer format. ISVs do not need to build their games for our platform. The encoding process is automatic and does not require a technician. Once encoded, games are uploaded into our servers hosted at SAVVIS datacenters across the US and Europe. Through special encoding, each game delivered on our platform is pushed to the edge of the Internet, enabling rapid, multipoint delivery to the user and a great user experience. Our predictive streaming technology has the intelligence to learn how users engage with each game and modifies the sequence in which individual blocks of the game are delivered to achieve optimum performance.

About GameStreamer Inc.

GameStreamer is a next generation digital distribution network that develops innovative technology for the digital distribution, streaming and ecommerce of video games. GameStreamer has built the first truly enterprise-class digital distribution network for games that is offered as a white label turnkey solution. GameStreamer provides complete or boutique game stores whose style and content can be aligned to various vertical website audiences. We work with a wide variety of websites large and small helping them improve audience stickiness and convert their traffic into revenue. GameStreamer is headquartered in Tampa Florida with presence in major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and Moscow.

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