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GameStreamer, Inc., today announced that it is the first company ever to fully automate the process of protecting a game with the leading 3rd party industry DRM's. This service is offered to our publisher and developer partners as a FREE web 3.0 service. By uploading your game to our system and selecting which DRM to protect your game with, and then choosing what time trial period you would like your game to have, our system will auto-protect and build an installer through an easy to administer content management portal. Any developer large or small now has a means to protect their games through a fully automated system. The content extranet is easy to sign-up and publishes your games in real-time to our extended family of white label partner game stores.

The advantage to this offering is that it simplifies the overwhelming administrative process involved in publishing content to online distribution channels. We also are agnostic to the DRM, meaning that we support them all and don't force the publishers into a box. There are currently hundreds of thousands of PC games developed and more being developed every day which face these problems. GameStreamer has solved this problem and can support publishers/developers large or small through our fully automated system. This allows any developer to register and distribute their content utilizing our catalog management system and populates it to our white label partners (WLPs) store admin centers where our WLPs can then chose to select the game to sell, and feature the game in their stores video players or showcase areas.

These DRM's allow for trials, rentals and outright sales. There is no need to change anything in the registry besides the addition of the Serial Key. We were really impressed with the Online Activation tools and ability to fully customize the way the protection schemes work. These DRM's have robust tools and a solid platform for digital distribution. We are way ahead of the curve here and are the first to build a cutting edge automated platform for our partners, said Tim Roberts, CEO of GameStreamer, Inc.

GameStreamer offers amazingly fast download times, the highest quality service and best overall game purchasing and license management experience. In short we have created the iTunes(c) equivalent for Computer Games which will result in the widest catalogue of games available anywhere.

We have had many of our partners using these tools gasp in awe with statements like - you guys are cutting edge, this is a great service. The smaller developers also love the fact that they have a FREE protection tool which up until now had been cost prohibitive for them to protect their games in the past, said Nathan Lands, EVP of Marketing.

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GameStreamer is a leading innovator in digital distribution and streaming solutions for games and operates a massive B2B network with major clients across the globe. GameStreamer has offices or representatives in several major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa, New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris and Moscow. GameStreamer is devoted to growing the gaming industry by verticalizing content to reach new niche markets and delivering targeted content to users using the latest in collaborative filtering techniques and social discovery.

GameStreamer has built the first truly Enterprise-Class Game Digital Distribution Network that is offered as a White Label Turnkey Managed Solution. GameStreamer works with clients that have significant traffic to build a custom game store solution to target their demographics. GameStreamer is working with a wide variety of clients such as social networks, retailers, e-tailers, media companies, churches, schools and more to generate new revenue streams, improve stickiness and grow a community for their website and brand. GameStreamer has been operating in stealth mode for over a year and is preparing for a massive launch with 10 White Label Partners.

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