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- Maximum Capacity of Plant Sufficient to Power up to 150 HGVs or 500 LGVs

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Gasrec, the UK's first commercial producer of liquid biomethane fuel, BOC, a member of the global gases and engineering Linde Group and SITA UK, one of the country's leading recycling and waste management companies, are pleased to announce the successful production of liquid biomethane ('LBM') fuel from the Gasrec plant at SITA UK's Albury landfill site in Surrey, UK.

Gasrec has been working closely with BOC and SITA UK to develop an LBM production facility at Albury which can recover over 85% of the methane contained in the raw gas produced from the landfill site.

The Gasrec process cleans the landfill gas of all impurities before one constituent gas, methane, is separated and liquefied to create LBM, a valuable vehicle fuel. The liquefaction technology for landfill applications is provided under an exclusive UK agreement with BOC's parent, The Linde Group. BOC provides plant operation and maintenance services as well as risk management and engineering expertise.

LBM not only offers a renewable alternative to fossil fuels, which generate harmful Greenhouse Gases, but also burns more cleanly and quietly than diesel, with a 90% reduction in PM10 particulate, a 60% reduction in Nitrous Oxide, a 50% reduction in Sulphur Dioxide and a 30% reduction in noise. The use of LBM as a fuel substitute for fossil diesel or petrol results in carbon dioxide savings in the region of 70%, throughout the chain from extraction of the fossil fuel from the ground to its use in a vehicle. All vehicles that can operate on CNG (compressed natural gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas) can run on LBM, however LBM offers a reduction in CO2 emissions which is twice that of natural gas (source:JEC2006 and CONCAWE studies).

The initial target for the use of LBM is commercial vehicles operating in the haulage and waste management sectors. Used widely, this fuel could make a valuable contribution towards the UK's short term CO2 reduction targets and lead to an overall improvement in air quality.

Gasrec has signed an agreement with the Hardstaff Group, one of the largest LNG bulk transporters in the UK, to manage transport logistics and fuel transportation from Albury. The haulage trucks (see supplied photography) use Hardstaff's dual fuel system (definition below), running entirely on LBM.

Richard Lilleystone, Chief Executive, Gasrec commented:

"We are delighted to announce the production of the first batch of fuel from our facility on SITA UK's Albury landfill site. Our technology not only captures a highly valuable source of clean fuel for vehicles, but also provides the means for landfill and waste managers to optimise their gas assets fully. We look forward to working with all sectors of industry as well as local authorities and government to assist in the introduction of low carbon fuels derived from a truly sustainable and secure source.

"Today's announcement puts Gasrec at the forefront of the biogas industry and we look forward to continuing to work with SITA UK and BOC to improve our environment."

Stuart Hayward-Higham, New Markets Business Development Manager at SITA UK commented:

"We have produced electricity from landfill gas for many years but we believe there is a big future for generating fuel from waste. We have another waste-to-fuel project in Hong Kong and have been keen to see this type of technology take off in the UK. We are keen to expand our relationship with Gasrec to cover other types of waste recovery facilities."

Steven Eckhardt, head of LNG and Biogas Business Development for Linde, said:

"BOC is proud to be part of this first of a kind effort in Europe, which is a key focus area for The Linde Group in our efforts to develop sustainable gaseous fuels and fuelling solutions. Linde is a market leader in the supply of biogas as a vehicle fuel in Scandinavia, and is working to develop other similar markets across the globe."

The official launch of the Albury plant will take place on 24 June. For further details, contact M :Communications using the details below.

Notes to Editors

Useful Statistics and Definitions - LBM produced from landfill is the only commercially available B100 fuel that is waste derived, thereby making it the most sustainable. It also has the lowest carbon intensity of any B100 renewable fuel. - LBM already meets the strictest criteria for sustainability and carbon intensity under the provisions of the UK RTFO. - The Albury plant will produce c5,000 tonnes of LBM per annum, sufficient to fuel up to 150 HGVs or up to 500 LGVs, depending on their fuel source (i.e. dedicated gas or dual fuel), mileage, load and duty. - It is estimated that substituting diesel with the LBM produced from Albury will reduce CO2 emissions by c15,000 tonnes per annum - A dual-fuel engine allows the simultaneous combustion of two fuels, in the case of Hardstaff vehicles, natural gas and diesel fuel, which can be used on a 100% diesel fuel basis when required, or on the basis of a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas, offering economic and environmental benefits.

About Gasrec

Gasrec is a producer of liquid methane fuel utilising gas generated by the decomposition of biomass. It obtains its gas supply from existing landfill sites or from controlled digestion of the biomass byproducts of food manufacture, retail and other industries. In creating and selling the fuel product, Gasrec recovers the latent energy stored in material discarded by society to power vehicles, especially those operating in the urban environment, or to generate electricity or CHP (Combined Heat and Power).

The generation of power from landfill sites in the UK is tried and tested, with over 300 UK landfill sites generating approximately 1,700 MW/h each year. However, a proportion of sites continue to flare unused gas as hitherto their development was not economically viable, thereby wasting the energy potential of the gas.

Gasrec has identified a clean, efficient use for this gas in the production of LBM (Liquid Bio Methane), a commercially competitive and environmentally sound fuel that can be directly substituted for both CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) for use in gas-powered or dual-fuel vehicles, or to generate electricity or CHP (Combined Heat and Power).


SITA UK, a subsidiary of SUEZ Environment, is a recycling and waste management company, generating environmental value, social value and economic value from our nation's waste. The company delivers environmentally responsible and increasingly innovative solutions for the public, local government, industry and commerce, enabling our customers to reduce their impact on the environment. SITA UK employs over 5,000 staff and had an annual turnover in excess of GBP 600 million in 2006.

About BOC

BOC is a member of The Linde Group. An industrial and speciality gases provider, the company supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment.

For more than a century the company's gases and expertise have contributed to advances in many areas of everyday life, and industries including steelmaking, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and health care. For more information see BOC online at

About The Linde Group

The Linde Group is a world leading gases and engineering company with more than 50,000 employees working in around 100 countries worldwide. In the 2007 financial year it achieved sales of EUR 12.3 billion. The strategy of The Linde Group is geared towards earnings-based and sustainable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services. Linde acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, employees, society and the environment - in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. Linde is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development. For more information, see The Linde Group web site at

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Enquiries: Gasrec: +44(0)20-7436-6805, Richard Lilleystone, Chief Executive. M: Communications (PR for Gasrec): +44(0)207-153-1530, Charlotte Kirkham or Elly Williamson. SITA UK: Anthony Durston or Nicola Dowlen, +22(0)1628-513-244. BOC Simon Napper, BOC Communications: +44(0)1483-244515.

Enquiries: Gasrec: +44(0)20-7436-6805, Richard Lilleystone, Chief Executive. M: Communications (PR for Gasrec): +44(0)207-153-1530, Charlotte Kirkham or Elly Williamson. SITA UK: Anthony Durston or Nicola Dowlen, +22(0)1628-513-244. BOC: Simon Napper, BOC Communications: +44(0)1483-244515.