TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan, August 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The GENIVI Alliance, an automotive and consumer electronics industry association driving the development and adoption of an open In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) reference platform, today announced the release of its 'GENIVI IVI Software Architecture Report.'

The report has been distributed to GENIVI members, and non-member companies who participated in the creation of the report. A summary version of the report is also now available to the public.

As one of significant deliverables of the Alliance, the report consolidates 72 interviews from key industry subject matter experts throughout the global IVI ecosystem, said Joel Hoffmann, GENIVI Director and Marketing Council Chair. Interviewees shared their perspectives on the major commercial, feature and technology considerations that will drive next generation infotainment system and software architecture.

Through collaboration with third party consulting companies, iSuppli and Frost Sullivan, additional perspectives on IVI market landscape and operating systems are referenced and included in the appendix of GENIVI's report.

Contained in the report, the 'Competition' section examines the costs and resources associated with the development of IVI systems, pricing of proprietary software stacks, and future projections in contrast with open source solutions. The 'Features' section offers a projection of the future differentiating features with specific focus on system HMI, while the 'Market Drivers' section focuses on connectivity examining the future IVI adoption of technologies such as Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, Terminal Mode and others. This information crosses competitive and industry boundaries that would not be possible without formation of the alliance Hoffmann added.

The summary version of GENIVI's Infotainment Software Architecture Report is available to the public through This link also provides membership information for those interested in obtaining the complete report.

About GENIVI Alliance

GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit industry association whose mission is to drive the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open source development platform. GENIVI will accomplish this by aligning requirements, delivering reference implementations, offering certification programs and fostering a vibrant open source IVI community. GENIVI's work will result in shortened development cycles, quicker time-to-market, and reduced costs for companies developing IVI equipment and software. GENIVI is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif.


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