AMSTERDAM, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Genscape, the company that pioneered real-time European power plant and transmission monitoring, announces the launch of the new Gas Europe service.

Genscape already monitors several flow points on the borders of Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

After the power market, the gas market demands more transparency and Genscape is providing it, says Adam Hooper Director Sales, Europe. We have another unique service which has been developed over the recent years. We have data on relevant gas flows at border points between the growing hubs, e.g. Eynatten, Gravenvoeren, Winterswijk, Zelzate - to name a few.

Notwithstanding various transparency discussions, initiatives and regulatory actions, Genscape's Gas Europe can provide significant value to our clients, Rene Admiraal, Director European Gas adds. The installation of gas monitors is a more complex process due to the safety issues around gas pipelines.

The company plans further expansion of its gas services, while additional services for other commodities are under development.

Genscape is a leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets.

Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate timely data on capacities, flow and utilization for all major energy commodities. The product range includes the well known real-time power and gas services in North America and Europe and the Cushing oil storage and pipeline reports. Genscape also delivers fundamentals-based market intelligence services which market participants rely upon to better understand drivers, risks and dynamics of regional power and gas markets.

Genscape is committed to enhancing the market activities of our clients through access to superior fundamental data and market intelligence.

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SOURCE: Genscape

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