NEW YORK and 'S-HERTOGENBOSCH, Netherlands, December 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Today BWise, the global leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management software, released the latest version of its Enterprise GRC platform. With its 4.1.2 release, BWise enables customers to better understand and manage their risks, including the risk of non-compliance and run their risk management and compliance processes as normal business processes. This will ultimately pull users into a flow by streamlining processes from a whole new perspective. Further, business performance is driven by enabling more focused, efficient and accurate users. BWise 4.1.2 provides new capabilities for (internal) auditors, compliance, risk and policy managers.

Flexible workflows and automated roll ups

BWise has taken its process based integration to new levels with version 4.1.2. Luc Brandts, CTO and Founder of BWise, said, "When we designed our new workflow capabilities, our ambition was to create something truly innovative; we now integrate workflows into other Governance, Risk and Compliance structures like never seen in any other solution. This results in users being pulled into a flow enabling them to focus purely on their activities and the system guides them through the process automatically."

Easier than ever before

By following an organization's structure, BWise can automatically roll up compliance assessments to the highest corporate level, including policy acknowledgements and compliance statements. This process establishes visibility at the top, based on information from all levels of the organization. Sarbanes-Oxley 302 certification, annual process certification by process owners and security certification by IT asset owners, all with sign-off by their management are just a few examples of what can be accomplished more easily.

Get into the flow

Throughout this new version of BWise innovative capabilities are provided centering on user friendliness and streamlining activities to bring different user types in audit, risk, compliance and policy management into the right flow. Users can concentrate on the content of their job and prioritize activities via personalized reports and dashboards.

Some further BWise 4.1.2 benefits include:

- Off-line audit testing, planning, scheduling and time-keeping - New generation of drag and drop reporting; compose personal reports and dashboards to monitor KPI's and KRI's - Complete redesign of assessment and questionnaire capabilities, including configurable workflows - state-of-the art, user friendly multi-page and multi-step assessments - Integration of web-components like instructional videos and documentation - Through further integration with process management, risk managers are enabled to connect process risks within business risk & control frameworks - BWise 4.1.2 has been thoroughly tested and assures the highest security and scalability demands

To learn more about the opportunities BWise 4.1.2 offers enterprises, join one of the webinars that BWise will host in February 2011. For more information please visit