CROYDON, England, July 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Local authorities can now instantly pinpoint and contact all residents affected by road closures, floods or health hazards following the development of innovative software by GGP Systems. The Croydon-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company has combined computer mapping and property ID technology to create address lists allowing instant mail merges for notification or consultation letters and other direct communications. The new software saves council staff time when communicating with local residents and businesses as it uses a spatial search to quickly identify and select address data.

Useful for alerting people about planning consultations, road works, changes in waste collection services and environmental hazard warnings, a simple geographic query is used to extract the addresses of only affected households before automatically merging the information into a pre-prepared letter or calling list. The GGP Mail Merge Spatial Tool also allows for the creation and inclusion of a map within the letter, highlighting the area affected.

By giving councils the ability to effectively target communications by geographic location we can help them save time, reduce unnecessary contact and minimise waste, commented Tim Maxwell, Managing Director of GGP Systems.

The Mail Merge Spatial Tool is available as an option to GGP's GIS software and integrates information from an organisation's GIS and corporate address database with standard word processing software. The software is designed to work with the councils' existing geographic information resources and is compatible with both the Local Land and Property Gazetteer and Ordnance Survey AddressPoint data formats. An optional map centred either on the household or site of interest can also be generated for inclusion in the correspondence.

GGP Systems specialises in GIS and gazetteer management solutions specifically designed for the UK public sector. The company provides easy to use software for the creation and management of corporate property databases, the ability to add and use a spatial element to all location based information and a range of solutions to meet t-Government directives and the drive towards shared services.

CONTACTS: Prim Maxwell, GGP Systems, tel. +44(0)20-8686-9887, e-mail:,

SOURCE: GGP Systems Limited

CONTACT: CONTACTS: Prim Maxwell, GGP Systems, tel. +44(0)20-8686-9887,e-mail: