WASHINGTON, November 19 /PRNewswire/ -- While it may not be possible to put peace on Earth on holiday lists this season, thanks to YoGen(R), an innovative product from Easy Energy , one can still give the gift of peace of mind!

The world's first fully-sustainable, handheld charging device, YoGen connects to many small personal electronic devices known to man. Through repeated pulls on the attached ripcord, similar to the motion of a yo-yo, YoGen generates sufficient power to charge cell phones, iPods, PDAs and MP3s some cameras and other devices.

Mobile electronics have become a part of who and what we are today and how we live our lives, says YoGen CEO Guy Ofir. One of the most frustrating things we face is when a dead battery shuts down our technology. With the new YoGen universal charger, this problem is now a thing of the past.

The device, Ofir says, operates exclusively through green human powered energy, ideal for those who are traveling, hiking, camping or on the go. The patent pending technology triggers an internal alternator that charges a device within minutes through a charge/time ratio similar to that of standard wall chargers. Ergonomically designed, YoGen weighs just 98 grams - less than 3.5 ounces - and fits easily into the palm of one's hand.

With a YoGen in your travel bag, backpack, briefcase or in the glove compartment of your car, you are never out of touch, Ofir says. Just a few pulls on the ripcord is enough to keep you connected, especially in an emergency.

With the holidays just around the corner, this Yogen would be a great gift item for anyone. Targeted for global retail distribution in second quarter 2010, YoGen is available now for online holiday purchases through www.YoGenStore.com. Priced at US$39.99, each YoGen unit includes an assortment of adaptor tips.

For more interaction with YoGen, follow the product on Twitter at www.twitter.com/yogencharger and check out the brand-new YoGen YouTube channel, currently featuring their Castaway video at www.youtube.com/yogencharger. For additional information, visit www.easy-energy.biz.

About Easy Energy, Inc.

Easy Energy, Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the YoGen(R) product suite, a series of highly innovative, compact, efficient, user-friendly manpowered chargers for use with small to mid-sized portable electronics devices. The company is dedicated to providing an economical, uniquely effective solution to the currently underserved need of the almost limitless numbers of users of portable electronics devices, from cell phones and iPods to PDAs and notebook and laptop computers, for a type of power source that will ensure the ability of those devices to operate in circumstances in which conventional recharging sources are unavailable. It is the company's ultimate goal to produce a comprehensive selection of user friendly, uniquely efficient, industry leading products, which will successfully target and satisfy the enormous worldwide demand for practical, compact, green energy producing manpowered chargers. Easy Energy, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada in May of 2007. For additional information, visit www.easy-energy.biz.

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SOURCE: Easy Energy, Inc.

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