PARIS, November 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Givex is pleased to announce today the international launch of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) capability on gift cards.

"This enhancement offers our multinational clients the flexibility to expand their gift card program into an international market," says Amanda French, Givex VP of Sales; "It also allows our clients to manage their international gift card program through a convenient administrative interface without having to worry about currency conversion rates and international fund settlements."

Merchants are now free to cross international borders with their gift card offerings. The DCC service offered by Givex allows customers to purchase and redeem their gift card in another country's currency at standard market conversion rate.

The Givex DCC solution is a simple add-on to Givex's existing gift card program services. The conversion rate is displayed at the time of the gift card transaction and will appear on the card-holder's receipt.

The Givex DCC was successfully launched in the North American market in 2006 and it is now available internationally.

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