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- SaaS provider says unique columnar, MPP database superior to traditional, open source approaches

After comparing the merits of traditional database technology, Glassbeam, the first company to provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for product analytics, has chosen the Vertica Analytic Database to keep storage costs low and performance high.

Targeting manufacturers of high-tech products such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, networking, servers and storage devices, Glassbeam's SaaS offering automatically creates data warehouses containing product information gathered from multiple sources and customer product logs that can quickly scale into the terabytes. Vertica's ability to conduct blazingly fast ad hoc queries on dramatically compressed data sets made it the perfect choice for the hosted offering.

Industry experts estimate that product feedback from these customer logs can be worth more than 4% of revenue in services for some enterprise vendors, as they use this valuable information to:

- lower support costs by up to 20% - increase service revenues by 25% - cross-sell and up-sell new sales opportunities - enhance customer satisfaction through product improvements and faster resolution of issues

The products our customers sell generate a lot of data and they need to analyze this data quickly and accurately to make critical business decisions. For our offering to be successful, we needed a database backend with scalable performance and low operational costs, explained Larry Lancaster, Glassbeam's Chief Technology Officer. We evaluated PostgreSQL, Oracle and Vertica and found Vertica provided at least twice the performance while consuming one-tenth the storage, he said.

Customers using data collected by Glassbeam can evaluate many mission-critical criteria ranging from product usage, disk utilization, component preference and more. For example, Glassbeam enables industrial equipment manufacturers to see higher than normal temperatures in an embedded device over a three-month period, or which supplier components have had the most defects over the past year or how many customers use product A from the manufacturer but not product B with component C. Glassbeam customers are typically monitoring thousands of devices that produce upwards of 60GB of data per month, nearly 1TB per customer per year. This critical feedback provides real-time visibility into the customer's business, analyzing and presenting it to business users in a graphical, highly visual fashion.

The Vertica Analytic Database relies on a unique columnar, MPP architecture and pioneering data compression to reduce storage requirements by as much as 90 percent, dramatically cutting hardware overhead and energy consumption so customers can analyze larger amounts of data at a fraction of the cost. The Vertica Analytic Database can operate directly on that compressed data, delivering query results 50 to 200 times faster than other databases.

Historically, creating increased query performance in analytic applications has come at the expense of higher development and integration costs, said Dave Menninger, vice president of marketing and product management at Vertica Systems. The unique architecture and small footprint of the Vertica Analytic Database makes high performance and seamless integration an enabling reality for innovative businesses such as Glassbeam.

Vertica and Glassbeam will be presenting the product intelligence on-demand solution during a webinar scheduled for Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 2:00pm EST. To register please visit:

About Glassbeam

Glassbeam is the first company to provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for product analytics - an automated, highly visual solution to help equipment manufacturers unlock the business value of operational data that is routinely communicated back to their organizations via call-home capabilities. To learn more visit

About Vertica

Vertica Systems is the market innovator for high-performance analytic database management systems that run on industry-standard hardware. Co-founded by database pioneer Dr. Michael Stonebraker, Vertica has developed column-oriented analytic database technology that lets companies of any size store and query very large databases orders of magnitude faster and more affordably than other solutions. The Vertica Analytic Database is available as software only, as an appliance or online as a cloud computing solution. The technology's unmatched speed, scalability, flexibility and ease of use helps customers like JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, Mozilla, Comcast, Level 3 Communications and Vonage capitalize on business opportunities in real time. Vertica is headquartered in Billerica, Mass. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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