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- Glide Adds Support for Open Office Documents for the iPhone

In advance of tomorrow's Apple Inc. and O2 launch of the iPhone in the UK, TransMedia today launched Glide Mobile support. Glide Mobile also adds support for Open Office documents next week so that users can access and edit Open Office documents on their iPhones and Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Sign up for Glide today on your smartphone at or on your PC desktop at and get 2GBs of free online storage for your iPhone or any O2 smartphone with no annoying advertising to store your videos, music, documents, photos, contacts, calendars and bookmarks. The Glide Mobile service works with all mobile carriers.

"Glide Mobile is the future of mobile computing available on your smartphone today," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "Glide is unleashing the potential of mobile technology for millions of users around the world fundamentally changing the way people access and share information."

Glide iPhone Features

Access, edit, format, preview and share your Microsoft Word documents on your iPhone. Formatting features include bold, italic, underline, bullets, 40 symbols and HTML source editing and preview modes.

Automatically sync and convert all of your desktop Microsoft Word documents for access on your iPhone.

Open and edit multiple Microsoft Word documents simultaneously on your iPhone.

Create media rich documents on your iPhone; insert photos, music, video, documents, bookmarks, calendar events and much more.

Import Microsoft Word, Open Office, Plain Text, RTF and HTML documents.

Export documents you create in Glide on the iPhone to Microsoft Word, PDF and RTF.

Collaborate with others from your iPhone using Glide's non-destructive rights-based collaborative document editing with integrated Email, Sharing and Chat applications.

Deliver stunning presentations in the palm of your hand on your iPhone. Export presentations you create in Glide Presenter to Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.

Watch Windows Media Videos and Listen to Windows Media Audio on Your iPhone

35 Photo Editing Effects Convert Photos to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and EPS And much more ...

Turn Any Phone into an iPhone: Glide Mobile also supports the LG VX8700, Nokia E-61 (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6300 and Motorola KRZR, T-Mobile Wing (Supports Streaming Media), BlackBerry Curve 8300, Nokia N95 (Supports Streaming Media), BlackBerry Pearl (8100), BlackBerry 8700, Cingular 8125 (Supports Streaming Media), HP iPAQ, HP hw6510, Motorola Razr V3, Motorola SLVR, Motorola ROKR, Motorola Q (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 9300, Nokia E62 (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6102i (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6682 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 700P, Palm Treo 700W (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 750 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm LifeDrive, Samsung Blackjack (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A707 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung D807 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A920, LG VX8100, LG VX8300, Sony Ericsson w600i, Sony Ericsson w810i, T-Mobile SDA (Supports Streaming Media), and T- Mobile SideKick.

What You Get When You Register For Glide 1) Free automated online synchronization of your music, video, documents, photos, contact, calendars and bookmarks for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs for anytime, anywhere access on all of your devices; 2) Free automated conversions of your files for access on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and most smartphones creating universal compatibility; 3) Free mobile access and advanced personal computing capabilities from most smartphones; 4) A free Online Mobile Operating System to manage your digital life; 5) The most comprehensive free mobile application suite including Glide Write, Glide Presenter, Glide Spreadsheet, Photo Editor, Glide Email, Glide Share, Glide Chat and much more; 6) Free desktop and mobile social and business networking tools; and 7) 2 GBs of free online storage. The Glide Business Model 1) US$5.00 a month or US$49.95 a year gives you an additional 10GBs of storage for a total of 12GBs of storage 2) You can also purchase photo prints as well as music and videos (coming soon) through Glide Shops 3) No annoying advertising Press Contact: Marcus Farny TransMedia: Glide OS: Glide Mobile: +1-212-675-6664 ext. 105 Web site:

Marcus Farny of Transmedia, +1-212-675-6664 ext. 105, or