LONDON, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- YouGovStone, an opinion research agency, reports new findings which state that 83% of top Britons believe the Government should change its plans concerning the two pence fuel duty rise scheduled for October. These findings increase pressure on Gordon Brown.

Only 13% of Britain's 'influentials' - people at the top of their field, drawn from business, politics, media, the arts, charities, health and education - think the fuel duty increase should go ahead as proposed. 10% say the amount should be reduced, 22% feel it should be postponed for 6-12 months, while 18% say it should be postponed indefinitely. 33% believe the rise should be scrapped altogether.

Of the 521 'influentials' surveyed by YouGovStone, 80% believe Gordon Brown is doing 'a poor job' while 65% feel David Cameron is doing 'a good job'. 57% believe Gordon's predicament is mostly of his own making while a further 33% think it is half his own fault and half due to factors beyond his control.

54% of respondents believe Brown will keep his post only until the next General Election but 39% think he will be gone inside a year. Just 3% thought he could survive for another term. The most likely to replace him as Labour leader is thought to be David Miliband with 39% suggesting him. 9% said that Jack Straw would replace Brown, 6% thought Ed Miliband or Alan Johnson, and 4% said Ed Balls.

In other questions, 39% of 'influentials' said the Lisbon Treaty should now be scrapped after Ireland's 'No' vote. 47% believe David Davis is right to stand up for what he believes in but 45% believe his resignation is an unwelcome distraction for the Tories. Also 66% oppose the 42 day terror rule.

Commenting on the results, Peter Kellner, President of YouGov said:

"The size of the majority among YouGovStone's influential panel for the two pence rise in petrol duty to be scrapped shows how vital oil prices are to the Government's fortunes. Oil prices directly affect inflation, which in turn feeds through to mortgage rates, standard of living and pay demands. Scrapping the two pence rise in duty looks like a no-brainer. Indeed, Alistair Darling might be tempted to offer a temporary two pence CUT in petrol duty while oil prices remain so high. The Chancellor should be able to afford this. It could be financed out of the extra VAT he has amassed as a result of the increase in oil prices."

The survey was completed online by 521 influential people between June 18th and June 25th 2008.

YouGovStone is a joint venture between YouGov plc, the leading online polling company, and Carole Stone, the business consultant. YouGovStone has a panel of influential people who complete regular online surveys. This network of 'influentials' includes Parliamentarians, business leaders, senior journalists, senior professionals in health and education, academics and charity leaders.

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