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- Whatgreenhome Calls for Incentives for 'Greening' Existing Houses

The Government's plan for all new homes to be zero carbon by 2016 and the creation of the Homes and Communities Agency will make little impact on the total CO2 emissions from UK homes according to Gordon Miller, editor of, in an article published on the website on Monday 12 November.

"Even if all new homes built from now on were immediately zero carbon it would represent only a tiny percentage saving in carbon dioxide emissions," says Miller. "More than a quarter of Britain's CO2 emissions come from our existing housing stock of 24 million dwellings. Until we tackle this issue, we are making few inroads into reducing our overall emissions."

"While obviously it's positive that all new homes will have to be zero carbon, the government must address the bigger issue and encourage homeowners to take action by offering incentives such as tax breaks for introducing energy-saving home improvements and subsidies for using green energy," he adds. "By 2020 the Government has said it wants three million new homes building - an average of 240,000 homes per year - and its target is for all new homes to be zero carbon by 2016. However, according to the Carbon Trust, 27 per cent of CO2 emissions are from existing homes."

The new body, The Homes and Communities Agency, announced in the Queen's Speech on 6 November is tasked with ensuring future housing developments are environmentally friendly yet has no remit to tackle existing properties.

Miller suggests several ways the Government can encourage people to reduce their emissions: removing VAT on energy-efficient home improvements; reducing council tax on properties with a high energy-efficiency rating, and introducing feed-in tariffs for renewable energy sold to power companies, such as electricity generated from photovoltaic cells on the roofs of people's homes. is also inviting visitors to the site to join in asking the Government to take action by giving their opinion on the question: Is the British government doing enough to encourage energy saving measures in our homes? is a newly launched eco-homes and sustainable development website that features news, opinion and environmentally friendly properties for sale in the UK and overseas.

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