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Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) and 3M have signed a reseller agreement that grants 3M worldwide nonexclusive sales rights to offer GSSC's proprietary Scrambled Indicia technology within the passport and ID markets. The two companies had achieved technical compatibility between 3M travel document readers and the Scrambled Indicia technology some two years ago. That brought enhanced image security to ePassports and travel documents, and gave document authenticators additional verification capabilities.

Today's announcement details a logical next step in the relationship. As a result of this reseller agreement, 3M can now offer an unparalleled level of security on its travel-document readers enabling customers around the globe to achieve much greater security, with ease and convenience also unavailable elsewhere in the industry.

GSSC's VIPhoto software, a Scrambled Indicia technology, is a covert digital security feature that provides enhanced counterfeit resistance by encoding personal data into an ePassport holder's identification photo. Travel and identification documents are afforded greater security because personal information is strongly linked to the photograph. Any photo or data tampering can be detected easily using 3M travel document readers and authentication systems. The technology can be used to protect both the photo on the data page as well as the photo stored on an ePassport's microchip.

3M ePassport Readers give border control inspectors advanced authentication solutions to easily check the validity of travel documents. 3M readers capture data and images of passports to confirm authenticity of paper, inks, logos, formatting and other security features such as ultraviolet images on the paper. Scrambled Indicia features are decoded from the passport and may be displayed on-screen next to the original image. A decoded image that reveals accurate personal hidden text is authentic. The absence of hidden text indicates counterfeiting, alteration and photo or data tampering.

Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) is an anti-counterfeiting technology company that provides state-of-the-art document security and brand protection solutions. GSSC specializes in developing custom-tailored solutions that seamlessly fit into the customer's existing product design and security infrastructure. Easy on-the-spot authentication plus Web and e-mail based authentication tools, place GSSC solutions on billions of packaging, products, passports, IDs, security documents, stamps, and currencies worldwide. The company has provided its patented security technology to government-authorized security printing firms and major corporations for more than twenty-five years. Alfred V. Alasia, its founder and inventor, patented the Scrambled Indicia(R) process in the mid '70s and pioneered its commercialization for document security and product authentication. GSSC's recent innovations include a portable forensic authentication device, iDetector(TM). For additional information visit:

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