LONDON, December 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Most companies and organisations based in office blocks and large buildings are missing a wide open goal to save energy according to powerPerfector, a UK green tech company which has come up with a solution to save vast amounts of electricity almost instantly.

The technology saves far more power than voluntary workplace schemes such as paper recycling, switching-off computers at night and biking to work.

The solution comes in the form of a green box which if fitted in a typical commercial building will save up to 20 per cent of the entire electricity usage making a hugely significant difference.

Many building asset managers and directors are aware of the technology but shy away from the start-up costs even though they will completely recoup those costs in between two and four years. The saving in carbon is much greater than any other option currently available. In terms of carbon reduction most companies are missing a simple and cost effective answer to their CO2 reduction targets.

The green box, developed in Japan works by regulating the amount of electricity used by a building. Typically, due to the design of the National Grid, buildings use much more electricity than is actually needed - the device, ensures an optimum level of power is managed at the source - securing the quality of power, reducing waste, saving money and significantly impacting carbon reduction commitments.

The technology has been praised by one of the UK's best known and most respected environmental campaigners Jonathon Porritt: He said: I went to visit a small company marketing something called powerPerfector which is essentially a voltage optimisation technology. It can be made to work for any organisation with large electricity bills and this is a relatively simple system, it's not particularly complicated to install, the savings are substantial on both total energy consumption and the carbon footprint. You look at that and you say - why would anyone not want to make an investment with such a quick payback period to ratchet down their consumption and CO2 emissions?

Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, said: Fixed solutions using established and proven energy efficiency technologies have to be the imperative for all business leaders in carbon reduction. Of course there are additional measures we can take at work and home to save electricity but if every commercial building in the country had the green box then it would save over half the equivalent of all the power sold to Greater London in one year - and that will go a long way to meeting all our carbon targets.

Notes to Editors: 1) powerPerfector was introduced into the UK in 2001 and is the leader in voltage optimisation technology, helping business cut its power and carbon consumption by up to 20% without compromising supply. 2) Over 310,000 units have been installed worldwide to date with up to 50 being fitted in the UK each week. UK savings to September 2009 equate to GBP24m. 3) 4) Fiona Harvey of the Financial Times has described powerPerfector as a 'company to watch' and that the 'ethical choice' complements cost reduction principles - 'businesses are likely to be just as drawn by the savings they can make' (October 2009).

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SOURCE: powerPerfector

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