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The Queen's speech announced the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill, but how many people even know these accounts may be theirs to claim?

Like any good Victorian scandal, the subject of unclaimed money has been well and truly swept under the carpet and why is that? So as not to raise its profile - otherwise people might want it back. Yes, it's our money these dormant bank and building society accounts are hanging onto and now the government wants us to donate it to them.

Banks, Building Societies, Insurance companies and Financial Institutions have a responsibility to find the owner of any unclaimed monies but just how hard do they try? Regardless, it's up to us to protect our own interests, and is here to help do exactly that.

Ethical, cheap, easy and available to all, has the only foolproof way to overcome money ever becoming unclaimed and joining the estimated 20 Billion pounds Sterling currently lying in dormant accounts, money the Government now wants to use to fund youth and community programs.

The revolutionary '' makes unclaimed money a thing of the past, by making sure it never becomes unclaimed in the first place.

A simple new online guardian system will provide the ultimate means to ensure that not only do people always know where their assets are located, so too will their significant others if and when they need to. not only prevents your assets from being Unclaimed but also stores location information and copies of vital documents too. This means that a person's accounts will never become dormant and their assets never go unclaimed plus you can access them from anywhere at anytime. No need for people to worry that their hard earned cash will ever be funding state programs or their assets sold off on eBay. This is a one-stop asset locator service at its best.

About : The Asset Locator Service is designed to ensure its members' heirs are able to locate and know what member's assets exist in order to prevent them becoming UNCLAIMED and passed to the State or Government on their death or incapacity. For further information visit the company's website at

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