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Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd. -- the industry leader in semiconductor application products for industrial/embedded computing -- today announced a new addition to the TRUESSD(R) product family: The HFD10P - 1.0 inch PATA SSD.

High costs and small capacities of solid state drives (SSD) were limiting factors for OEMs and the contents that can be installed onto the device. However, the recent trend of cost decrease and capacity increase of SSD has allowed OEMs to implement more full featured operating systems and applications once reserved for hard disk drives, where cost and capacity limits were less prohibitive. Unfortunately, this trend has lead to an increase of anxiety in regards to SSD endurance due to aggressive write cycles.

The HFD10P is a 1.0-inch CF form factor fixed drive SSD. Designed to reside in the system, it is best suited as an OS boot device and for applications requiring high write-cycle endurance and small footprint. Currently, the available capacities are 1 GB to 8 GB. 16 GB is scheduled for release later this year.

The HFD10P, based on the Hagiwara proprietary TRUESSD(R) controller, performs static wear-leveling that distributes write operations evenly over the entire media to maximize drive longevity. An intelligent cache algorithm reduces the number of write access to the NAND flash by organizing smaller fragmented data into larger data blocks. And the 8-bit ECC On-the-fly ensures data integrity without impact to performance.

TRUESSD(R) S.M.A.R.T. provides device health monitoring capabilities which can be used as an assessment tool during the development phase as well as real-time monitoring for those devices deployed into the field.

In line with the current trend, we anticipate more manufacturers will be trying to use full featured OS in small form factor devices, states Shinji Kakeya, Director of Embedded Solutions, Hagiwara Sys-Com Japan. There will be a need for a high endurance solution. The HFD10P is that solution. 2.5-inch SSD features and reliability squeezed into a 1.0-inch form factor.

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