LONDON, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hampden Group, which has been providing administrative and claims services to the insurance industry since 1979, has invested in a secure business continuity and data management solution from Frontier Technology - - to ensure security and compliance within a growing regulatory environment.

During the late 1990s, the group diversified into providing Members' agency services and, through strategic acquisitions and product development, has become the largest provider of such services. The group's ultimate holding company, Hampden Holdings Limited, manages services to Lloyd's investors via the Hampden Capital Plc group.

Despite the recession, IT requirements don't change. Depleted budgets should not automatically lead a company to postpone their IT spend, particularly on business critical areas such as disaster recovery.

Andrew Hough, IT Manager at Hampden Group, explains: We don't believe in trailblazing but we do recognise the importance of keeping pace with technological advances which provide solutions that make real business sense.

Having worked with Frontier for many years - for example when we switched over from Novell Groupwise to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - it made sense to discuss our disaster recovery requirements with them. We realised that a 48 hour back up window was no longer acceptable and that we needed to be back up within the hour. Having reviewed competitive tenders, we opted for Frontier's Continuity Service and we haven't looked back. It has saved us time, effort and money. We also offer flexible working as part of this solution and have the reassurance of a 30-40 minute backup window which is very impressive.

Edwin Wong, Managing Director at Frontier Technology, comments: Our fully automated Frontier Continuity Service (FCS) is a perfect solution for customers like Hampden Group. It replicates business critical servers such as mail, web, file and database servers in real-time over to a standby server in our data centre. This allows customers to enjoy the benefits of automated server failover - ensuring uninterrupted access to data - and a fully tested business continuity solution.

Furthermore, no capital investment is needed with FCS. Within our monthly subscription, customers receive all the hardware, software and technical assistance they need to establish the service, including regular invocation testing, recovery procedures, remote monitoring and instant alerts. We're working with companies across all sectors e.g. law firms, national newspaper and many others. They are using our managed services offering to take advantage of key IT solutions which they need today, whilst deferring payments over a 3 year period.

Hampden Group has also utilised Frontier's data management solution based on Symantec Enterprise Vault to help comply with FSA regulations, reduce storage costs and simplify disaster recovery.

Introducing a new data management system brings positive changes for System Administrators and Data users alike. It presents major benefits for the client, but also for an overstretched IT Department, because the burden of email and file archiving is removed.

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