TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanvon (Computex, Booth N0210), today unveiled an array of new products at COMPUTEX Taipei 2010, including TouchPad B10 (tablet PC), WISEreader N618 (e-book reader), and Art Master III (graphics tablet). As the world's second largest e-book reader manufacturer and leading provider of handwriting recognition, OCR (optical character recognition) and biological characteristic recognition technology, Hanvon's president Liu Yingjian will take a special trip to Taiwan to attend COMPUTEX. Liu hopes to promote Hanvon's technology and products to the global market and share the successful experiences of the Hanvon Way with peers at COMPUTEX Taipei, the largest professional computer exhibition in Asia. Liu also intends to take this chance to enhance interaction with Taiwan tech companies and join hands with them to enter the global electronic reader market.

Hanvon president Liu Yingjian stated that Hanvon's competitiveness is given by its RD capability and full control of the production process. The market is positive about Hanvon's future outlook in the intelligent pattern recognition field due to solid technology and outstanding RD capability developed over years. Given the above-mentioned and that China's e-book reader market scale is anticipated to grow rapidly in the next few years, Hanvon will remain the champion thanks to its previous advantages. In July of 2008, Hanvon launched its first e-book product, which immediately became China's No. 1 product in terms of sales in a year (as of August 2009) and the world's No. 2 product in terms of global market share. Meanwhile, as an all-new business model, the Hanvon wireless e-book store that interfaces with Hanvon e-book readers has achieved initial success in its operations in China. Hanvon aims to become the world's No. 1 developer for e-book readers.

Hanvon has two goals for attending COMPUTEX Taipei, one is to find alliance partners; and the other is to present good strategies, said Liu Yingjian. First of all, Liu believes that Taiwan has a comprehensive hardware supply chain for the e-book reader market and also has rich Chinese content resources. So he hopes to find alliance partners to jointly enter the global e-book reader market through the exhibition. Secondly, Hanvon would like to share its successful strategies, also called the Hanvon Way, with Taiwan peers on how to establish a better ecosystem for the electronic reader industry. The success of the Hanvon Way is to satisfy consumers' emerging reading demands, also described as 5A by Hanvon. Those are Anyone can have Any access to read Any content Anywhere at Anytime in the era of internet as 3G and e-book technologies mature.

The leading Hanvon Way in the e-book reader market contains four major elements:

1. All-around integration: Hanvon provides an all-around integration service in terms of software, hardware, technology, resources, market, channels, strategy, and timing.

2. Innovative business model which features the content: Hanvon integrates e-book content creation, editing, publishing, and digital service platform to provide consumers not only e-book readers but also rich resources from newspapers, publishers, and libraries.

3. Huge online bookstore, clear copyright ownership policy, and easy wireless downloads: Content providers and readers can both benefit from these.

4. Strong marketing and channel development ability: This will facilitate best market exposure and sales channel for products.

The Hanvon Way produced stellar sales and the following three major tablet products, which will be showcased at Computex Taipei.

1. TouchPad B10

Hanvon, Microsoft, and Intel jointly launched the TouchPad B10 for business people. Also called the iPad Killer by the market, TouchPad has a trendy look and various practical features. With a weight around 990g and thickness of only 18mm, the stylish and light-weight TouchPad is easy to carry. In addition, TouchPad supports VGA resolution of 1024x600 (16:9) and is equipped with a 2GB DDR2 memory and 250GB hard drive and therefore it makes video and audio files easy to read and write. With Windows 7 pre-installed operating system, 2 USB ports, audio in/out, mini HDMI, TouchPad is a perfect trendy and handy product for consumers to use.

2. WISEreader N618

WISEreader N618 is Hanvon's first e-book reader equipped with built-in WiFi, which allows users to read e-books via wireless web. It is a business type e-book reader, equipped with a 6-inch E-Ink large screen and document editing/management software, which supports multi-format files. Using Hanvon's latest handwriting recognition technology and electromagnetic plate technology, WISEreader N618 is a more convenient tool compared to traditional notebooks for users as they can enjoy the dual touch screen features through gesture and handwriting recognition. WISEreader N618 is therefore a great companion for business and travel.

3. Art Master III

Hanvon recently launched its top professional graphics tablet - Art Master III designed for artists and professional designers to meet the most demanding requirements. With 2048 pressure levels and newly added function of express keys, artists can work more easily and comfortably with the feel of traditional painting or drawing and create brush-like effects with no boundary.

Hanvon will showcase the above-mentioned three products at COMPUTEX Taipei. Hanvon hopes to become an innovative IT company with integrated products, channels, and services through technology RD, product production, channel sales, content integration, and innovative services.

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