ABU DHABI, UAE, September 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- HR professionals are challenged with developing robust and next generation recruitment, retention and engagement practices to meet the growing healthcare sector which is estimated to be valued between $15 billion and $18bn and is expected to grow five-fold by 2025.

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The HR in Healthcare Forum (17 - 20 October 2010) brings together Chief Human Resources Directors, Heads of HR and their unit supervisors to focus on topics of both strategic and practical interest in overcoming the staffing shortage - recruitment, retention, engagement, pay for performance, measuring performance and practices for solid induction programmes.

The event brings together some of the best hospitals in the region who are strategic in how they envision the healthcare staffing shortages and their stances to overcome this challenge. Attendees will gather to interact with healthcare staffing industry leaders and gather best practices on specific strategies that are integral to ensuring these challenges are addressed.

Confirmed speakers from Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Apollo Hospital Group, Sanofi Aventis, King Fahad Military Complex, Clemenceau Medical Centre, International Hospital of Bahrain consider this event their must-attend event of the year.

We are proud that we can work with so many public and private healthcare providers to create valuable discussions on medical staff shortages. Its really great to see that this challenge is being embraced by individuals who are forging ahead and trying to overcome recruitment, retention and performance management challenges to create a better quality of service across private and public hospitals, Mbali Dlamini, Conference Director, HR Healthcare Forum.

This event presents 20 speakers from all over the region and is supported by the Ministry of Health in Bahrain; there has never been a more opportune time to put healthcare staffing challenges forward.

About HR in Healthcare

The HR in Healthcare Forum is a platform for HR professionals to discuss how they are developing robust programs that achieve cost saving initiatives and promote the adoption of unified healthcare IT systems with human resource processes. They will present recruitment and retention best practices and show you techniques on how to engage your employees in incentive programmes to encourage greater accountability toward patient care.

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Further information may be obtained at http://www.hrhealthcaremena.com or by contacting Michele Petiza, Marketing Manager, IQPC, at +971-4-364-2975 or enquiry@iqpc.ae.

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CONTACT: Further information may be obtained athttp://www.hrhealthcaremena.com or by contacting Michele Petiza, MarketingManager, IQPC, at +971-4-364-2975 or enquiry@iqpc.ae.