STOCKHOLM, February 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Automower(R) 305 robotic lawnmower represents the third generation of silent, automatic robotic lawn mowers that provide a perfect, trouble-free lawn. The compact and lightweight newcomer targets homeowners with smaller gardens with lawns, up to 500 m2. As with its bigger siblings from Husqvarna, it offers homeowners carefree mowing throughout the season.

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Market leading Husqvarna has created a compact and reliable Automower(R) robotic lawnmower for small gardens and lawns. It is now possible for all garden owners, no matter how small their lawn is, to give up their old walk-behind lawn mower. The Automower(R) 305 robotic lawnmower is suited for lawns up to 500 m2 and equipped with a rechargeable Li-lon battery. No more worrying about the state of the lawn, The Automower(R) robotic lawnmower makes sure that the grass is perfectly cut 24-7.

The robotic lawn mower weights 7 kg. This makes it easy to move between areas, for example in the case of townhouses with separated lawns, and it will not flatten the grass. But it is only easy to move for the owner. Like all Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers the new model has an advanced Anti Theft System with an alarm and a personal PIN code that makes the machine useless if stolen.

- In the future, robotic lawnmowers will be as common for homeowners as dishwashers are today. Automower(R) 305 makes robotic mowing affordable for more homeowners, freeing up time for other activities without compromising on a well kept lawn, says Towe Ressman, head of Husqvarna Global Design.

No emissions and happy neighbours

Without emissions whilst cutting, the Automower(R) robotic lawnmower fertilizes and cuts the lawn to perfection, all by itself, using less energy than a light bulb. The silent and well-designed robot will not only keep the lawn perfect, it will also be well appreciated by all the neighbours.

The recommended retail price for Husqvarna Automower(R) 305 is 1 490 EUR.

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