MALMO, Sweden, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- iClin Solutions, a supplier of intelligent solutions for cancer treatment, today announced the launch of Electro Chemo Therapy - ECT - and the first treatment using the Cliniporator in Sweden. The treatment was performed at the Department of Oncology at Lund University Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Julie Gehl from Herlev Hospital in Denmark.

The Cliniporator is used to fight cutaneous and sub-cuteaneous metastasies by increasing the effect of chemotherapeutic drugs, offering a very good alternative to traditional radiation therapy and surgery.

"We are very happy to offer the latest technology in cancer treatment. The Cliniporator treats cancer of any histological type in a quick and efficient manner" says Anders Johnsson, Managing Director of iClin Solutions. He continues: "We are currently focusing our resources on successful introduction to other clinics in Northern Europe and are looking for suitable partners."

"ECT is exciting and will become a standard option in Lund, offering a great alternative to some of our patients" says Jacob Engellau, Director for Radiation Therapy at the Oncology department in Lund. Together with Dr. Per Engström, Medical Physicist, he plays an important part of the introduction in Lund.

"Not only will the device increase the effect of these drugs, it also requires a much smaller dose, minimizing the risk of complications" says Anders Johnsson. Since the treatment can be done on out-patient basis, it will save cost compared to radiation therapy or surgery.

The Cliniporator device has been developed and is manufactured by IGEA (Carpi, Italy). The drug used in most treatments is Bleomycin, a well-known drug in oncology. It's highly effective and toxic, killing the cancer cells once entered into the cells. However, due to its large size, it cannot enter through the cell membrane by itself and has been considered inefficient.

With the combination of electroporation, this drug has now become a very effective anti-cancer drug. Electroporation temporarily opens up small pathways (pores) in the cell membrane barrier by using very brief, intense electrical pulses.

Dr Julie Gehl is a Clinical Associate Research Professor at the Department of Oncology, Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev. Dr. Gehl has been instrumental in the clinical research and launch of the Cliniporator and the ECT therapy in Europe.

iClin Solutions is owned by Malmöhus Invest, Öresund Healthcare Capital and the management group.

Contact Details: Anders S. Johnsson, Managing Director iClin Solutions AB Storgatan 22A SE - 211 42 MALMO, SWEDEN Telephone: +46(0)46-540-6215 Email: For more information, please visit

Contact Details: Anders S. Johnsson, Managing Director, iClin Solutions AB, Storgatan 22A, SE - 211 42 MALMO, SWEDEN, Telephone: +46(0)46-540-6215, Email: