LONDON, February 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Ideaworks Labs announces the latest version of Airplay SDK, the ground-breaking cross-platform development tool for native mobile apps. Continuing to extend Airplay SDK, according to the needs of developers, the 4.1 release adds support for Nokia's Maemo platform, development on Mac/Xcode, and Remote Control of the desktop simulator from real connected devices.

We are tracking the market closely and ensuring that cross-platform Airplay SDK is inclusive of all major platform types, so that we can offer the widest opportunity to developers without incurring additional cost in their development flows said Tim Closs, CTO of Ideaworks Labs. By adding both Maemo support and Mac development we open up whole new avenues to developers with them having to take on additional risk or device expertise.

Now that Airplay SDK is available for Apple Mac, a huge number of iPhone apps developers can, for the first time, easily bring their products to a wider audience by targeting Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and other Smartphone platforms in addition to iPhone. Equally, mobile developers choosing a PC-based environment can create, test, deploy and sign iPhone (and soon iPad) applications without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Flook is the world's first location browser allowing people to discover and share local secrets via an innovative, swipe-based UI. Ambient wanted to open flook up to a wider audience by targeting Android, Symbian and other platforms, and Airplay SDK was the natural choice. said Jane Sales, co-founder of Ambient Industries, adding 'Not only have we saved the traditional porting costs, but we've removed the risk associated with placing bets on any particular app store channel.

Airplay SDK's new Remote Control capability combines the efficiency of desktop development with the benefits of real tactile device interaction. Any WiFi-enabled device can become the input source for the Airplay SDK desktop Simulator, sending events such as touch screen and accelerometer. The Simulator screen output is streamed back to the device, meaning that the entire app can be tested using real hardware, without having to be continually deployed or debugged on the device thus reducing testing time and cost.

Responding to requests from the growing Airplay developer community, Airplay SDK 4.1 also includes a new Contacts API, opening up richer social networking functionality within Airplay apps. The SDK will also be offering iPad support in the very near future.

Cross-platform Airplay SDK allows mobile developers to compile a single codebase to native ARM CPU instructions, then deploy with a single click to all iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile , BREW and Maemo devices. The traditional costs of porting between operating systems and devices are entirely removed, meaning that developers can afford to target multiple app stores and thus hugely increase their addressable market from around 50m Apple devices to over 500m smart-phone and feature-phone devices globally.

All developers can register and download a full free evaluation of Airplay SDK 4.1 by visiting

Come see Ideaworks showcasing Ride OpenGLES2.0 Game built on Airplay SDK on Texas Instruments booth in Hall 8 (8C86) at Mobile World Congress on 17/18th Feb 2010.

About Ambient Industries

Ambient Industries is a privately held software company based in UK. It was founded in 2008 by two former Symbian senior managers. Its first product is a social navigation/networking application for the iPhone released in late 2009 called Flook. Flook has been very successful on the iPhone, launching late in 2009, and becoming a staff pick on January 25th 2010

About Ideaworks Labs

Ideaworks Labs is a privately held technology company headquartered in London. Founded in 1998 with a strong Oxford and Cambridge computer science and electronic engineering pedigree, the company has an unparalleled track record of creative innovation and technical leadership in the field of cross-platform mobile applications. The Airplay SDK native cross-platform development system is the result of over 9 years of research and development into high-performance native multimedia applications on mobile devices and has powered games and applications across nGage, Symbian, BREW and iPhone including three No 1 games on the iPhone Apps Store.

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