LUSTENAU, Austria, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the global leader in active commercial RFID announces its partnership with Mark-It, the world leader in reefer management and releases the industry's most comprehensive container tracking system.

With upwards of 60,000 reefer loads per month, it was Mark-It that approached IDENTEC SOLUTIONS to develop a system that would address current container shipping challenges and improve overall efficiencies. Six months following this discussion, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS developed a market ready solution that not only addressed all of Mark-It's requirements, but surpassed them.

Created specifically for Mark-It, the Reefer Tag utilizes IDENTEC SOLUTIONS patented Intelligent Long Range (ILR) technology for an advanced easy to use system. The Reefer tag will reduce commercial losses via reporting and monitoring the temperature of sensitive materials.

In the past, typical container tracking measures included cumbersome computer systems that tracked containers at key points throughout the transportation chain. A particularly difficult challenge was in the ongoing monitoring of refrigerated containers.

The newly developed Reefer tag is a self-powered, long lasting autonomous device that quickly and easily attaches to an existing data port connection which is always present on refrigerated reefer containers. The Reefer tag's standardized quick latch connector allows it to be connected in seconds. The ease of which the Reefer Tag can be affixed was as important to the overall success of the system, as the solution itself.

A two-way communications device, the Reefer Tag allows communications from the tag, to the monitoring system through to the reefer. Virtual transparency and accessibility of the cargos status means the shipper will realize increased efficiencies by monitoring and correcting issues before cargo is compromised.

Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG Katharina Künz Tel: +43(0)5577-87387-5

Contact: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG, Katharina Künz, Tel: +43(0)5577-87387-5,